Monday, September 2, 2013

The Stoopid! It Burns!

Skidmark sends in this head-scratchingly stupid story out of (this will come as a surprise, not) California.

Popular Pierce College pistol safety course now banned
Potential pistol packers who had set their sights on a Pierce College gun-safety course this month would have been way off target.

That’s because Los Angeles community college officials had killed the National Rifle Association Basic Pistol Course with an order to ban all guns — even non-operating ones used for teaching — from college campuses. The popular extension course had been taught at the Woodland Hills campus and at Harbor College in Wilmington since 2008, with no guns ever loaded or fired at the schools.
Now, this is pretty stupid all on its own. This is a safety course endorsed by the NRA that helps folks learn about firearms and firearms safety. After a shooting on a college campus - which had nothing to do with the safety course - trustees want to end the presence of all firearms, even unloaded or non-functional weapons. That's their prerogative, of course. It's the reasoning that makes blood spurt out of my ears.
“The one thing we wanted to prevent was Pierce College being the Wild Wild West,” said Scott Svonkin, a trustee with the Los Angeles Community College District, author of the anti-gun resolution passed this month.

“By preventing guns on campus, I wanted to prevent people who took the class from shooting a horse or cow on campus.”
I think my IQ dropped 20 points just reading that, I do.

You see, in this dolt's mind, simply teaching people about firearms and firearm safety is equivalent to the "Wild Wild West". Because the Clantons and McLaurys were teaching a Basic Firearms Safety Course at the OK Corral, right? Do these people stop to think, even for a second, about how their words sound once they've actually left the wordhole? You want to prevent people who took a safety class from "shooting a horse or cow on campus"??? WTF, over? Is this a real problem in CA colleges? Random bovine and/or equine invasions that result in CCW-holders having to shoot them?

This is what we're up against, folks. This is stupidity that goes right down into the bones. You can't convince me that this is someone we can reach, if their objection to a firearms safety course is that people might randomly start gunning down livestock. This is someone scrambling for any reason no matter how asinine or far-fetched - this is not someone that's going to be dissuaded by silly things like logic or facts.

In the meantime, don't y'all go shooting any cows or horses that wander onto community college campuses, y'hear?

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


I read this and was reminded of a movie scene involving a horse, a college campus, a few frat brothers, and well, you know the rest.

Dave H said...

I thought people at colleges were supposed to be smart.

Oh, wait. Community College. Been there, experienced the brilliance. I retract my prior statement.

At my son's college there's a real possibility of livestock wandering onto the campus from nearby farms. But if they value their virtue, they'll avoid it.

Samuel Suggs said...

My high school in CAL had a major AG program and the stoners would occasionally let the animals free (for the giggles not the vegan political protest) but it was only an issue that one time they let those ten emu's go they got trampled first followed by a kid named jerry who got seriously injured, so yeah gun would have helped.

Glenn B said...

It's not so much that the guy was worried about it becoming the wild west, or that he was fearful that a cow or other animal might get shot, it was that he was fearful of that in light of the fact that non-firing guns were used in the firearms safety classes given on that campus. So how in hell could anyone get shot by them! And to think, the assholes on the left think this was a wise and prudent safety measure.

Crotalus said...

Well, what did you expect from the People's Demokratik Republik of Kollyvornia?

Eck! said...

Its real simple. IF you don''t know about guns and learning about them is banned because they are so dangerous then people will think guns are bad and fear them or knowledge of them too.

The process is basic propaganda, vilify something as evil and then ban its presence. Then teach it!

Education is supposed to open minds
not induce a love of ignorance.


PJS said...

What Eck said.

Higher education is supposed to teach critical thinking and, ostensibly, promote tolerance and open-mindedness. (It's also supposed to teach students to "think about how their words sound once they've left the wordhole.") No wonder I have a bad attitude about academia.

Wraith said...

Folks, I need some volunteers to accompany me on a dangerous quest. We must search all the Earth until we find the Portal to the Stupid Parallel Dimension that someone's obviously opened, and destroy it once and for all!!

(If only it were that easy...!)

Daniel in Brookline said...

“By preventing guns on campus, I wanted to prevent people who took the class from shooting a horse or cow on campus.”

Well, you achieved your objective; that's almost certainly not going to happen.

(Of course, I'm not aware of it ever happening, even on college campuses that permit concealed carry... so you could have achieved your objective by blinking hard.)

Isn't it nice to know that these well-paid college administrators have the well-being of their students -- no, sorry, strike that -- of horses and cows in mind?

Chris said...

@Glenn B: No, no, no. Not "wise and prudent". "Common sense" gun control laws. (I told a co-worker if he used the words "common sense" and any iteration of "gun control" in the same sentence again, I would not have a rational discussion with him to point out why that constitutes an oxymoron, I would just fisk his statement without mercy.)

zdogk9 said...

Damn! I'd had a pretty good course in firearms safety taught to me in PUBLIC school by the time I reached sixth grade. But I'm old and the world used to run right. I'd had the same beat into me by the time I was five.

Ed said...

Before Boston State College merged into University of Massachusetts at Boston in 1982, there was a pistol range in the basement under the gymnasium on Huntington Avenue (now home to the Massachusetts College of Art). UMassBoston students were offered NRA Basic Pistol Marksmanship there as a student activity fee funded student activity taught by a UMB Physics professor.

Think of Yoda instructing the proper use the light saber.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I want to be around to see just how one kills a horse or cow with a non-firing blue pistol.


Roy said...

Well Wraith, the good news is you don't have to search the entire Earth for the "Portal of Stupid". From the story, it's obvious that the portal is located somewhere in California. I would start my search by looking in the admin building of Pierce College.

Anonymous said...

This sort of thing is why I laugh when I hear some talking head on the idiot box say that conservatives are all ignorant troglodytes because more lieberals have graduated from kollidge.

Well, of course they have. Some of us tried it and got gutsick of the constant drumbeat of PC brainwashing and decided to take our leave.