Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sweetening The Pot EVEN MORERER...

So, when I did my super mega mondo prize update, I included a picture of the actual York Arms lower that Wally has so kindly offered as an incentive to donate to me:

He was a little miffed that not one single comment was offered (I mean, REALLY, you barbarians!), so he decided to up the ante.

The winner of the AR-15 lower will get, in addition to that fabulous one-of-a-kind lower seen above, five (5) new 30 round Pmags and a York Arms FDE patch:

Seriously, folks, this is pretty amazing. I can't thank York Arms enough for this generosity.

If this awesome new addition makes you want to donate more so as to increase your chances, you can do that here:

Special thanks to York Arms for these awesome prizes!!!

That is all. 


Jay G said...

Forgot to mention on the magazines: Valid only where allowed by local laws. Sorry folks in MA/NY/MD/CO/NJ/CA/etc.

You can still get the patch!

Ambulance Driver said...

That is one schweeet lower!

Glenn B said...

It certainly is a nice prize donation. Very nice of Wally indeed.

Yet, it saddens me a bit, purely selfishly, because I realize that, if I win it, I cannot accept the whole prize. I would only be able to take the lower and the patches but not the magazines (as much as I would like to take them). I have half of my chances on the lower right now. Oh well, I guess an email to you is forthcoming with a change in how I want to allocate my chances of winning a prize. Should get it out to you before then end of the month, which means shortly.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Jay, you're moving to Virginia... so if I win the lower, you can keep the magazines.

(Bribery? Who, me?)

d said...

Mr G,

Which EMail is correct for raffle ticket allocation?

Daniel in Brookline said...

I should add, by the way -- I don't get the imagery for the "come and take it" wording. The selector-switch icons are awesome!