Tuesday, September 10, 2013

"So, Ma'am, You're Saying Batman Rescued Your Cat?"

Heh. Sent in by Shane W. is today's feel-good-story-of-the-day.

UPDATE: Two Men Dressed as Superheroes Save Cat from Burning House
MILTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) – Even the firefighters who put out the flames at a house fire in Milton on Saturday call Batman and Captain America heroes.

Like a scene from a comic book, two men dressed as superheroes went into a burning house on Church Street to save a cat.

“We were at the American Legion doing an event for the vets and the children in the community,” John “Batman” Buckland said. “The vets came over, said they saw some smoke, thought it was trash.”
Turns out, Batman's a hero in real life, too. Mr. Buckland is a former firefighter, and went into the house - dressed as Batman - to see if anyone is inside. You don't have to be Batman to be a hero, and anyone that walks into a burning building to save others fits that description in my book. That he was dressed as Batman at the time (and had Captain America as a sidekick!) is just the icing on the cake...

It's not often we get to post stories that make you feel good. Usually they're stories that anger up the blood, or make you shake your head, or worry you about this handbasket with a couple JATO units strapped to it and where we're going in it. This time, for today, it's a feel good story about two men, dressed as superheroes, that went above and beyond.

I wonder, though, how many of those kids got in trouble for fibbing when they told their parents that they saw Batman and Captain America go into a burning building to save a cat...

That is all.


Dave H said...

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes, and costumes. But they're not always facing mortal danger. Sometimes they're just doing chores.

Shane W said...

Dave, that's awesome!

Andie said...

@Shane, nice share!

@Dave, <3'd the thought that went into that for the kids. :)