Tuesday, September 17, 2013

So, Let Me Get This Straight...

Because the shooter at the Washington Navy Yard had a manually-actuated shotgun - the kind specifically exempted from the Assault Weapons Ban - we need to bring back the Assault Weapons Ban?

We need to ban high capacity magazines because he used a shotgun with a fixed tubular magazine?

Or is it the fact that he bought his gun through an FFL, meaning that we have to close the gun show loophole?

Or that his mental health status was never reported to authorities? Not only would this have made him ineligible to buy a firearm, but it would have revoked his clearance?

Heck, had he been prosecuted for any of the gun-related crimes he committed - shooting out someone's tires? Blasting a hole in the apartment above him? - he could have been ineligible.

The law-abiding, non-fruitcake portion of gun owners (99.9999999%) is going to take it in the shorts because gun control failed on pretty much every aspect of this story?

I know the forces against freedom are desperate, but I didn't realize they were *this* desperate if they want to hang their gun control dreams on this shooting...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

Ban Joe Biden! He gave him the idea.


KevinC said...

Yes, all of what you said is true.

Because George Bush. And you're a racist.

Lazy Bike Commuter said...

Doesn't your mental health status only make you a Prohibited Person IF a judge specifically makes a call on your mental health?

libertyman said...

Flying the flags at half staff because it will propagandize the anti gun agenda?

Meanwhile 98 US soldiers killed in Afghanistan this year. Over 2200 in the useless war in Afghanistan.

It makes you wonder.

Geodkyt said...
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Geodkyt said...
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Geodkyt said...

Lazy Bike Commuter -- Or, if you're acquitted due to insanity.

(Bloody Hell, third time's the charm. :) )

Ed said...

You are not following their logic:

Guns exist.
Because guns exist, people were killed.
If we make it so guns do not exist by banning them,
then people will not be killed.

Simple. Right? However, according to the FBI, last year more people were killed by "blunt objects" like baseball bats, golf clubs, hammers and rocks than were killed by long arms like rifles and shotguns. All of this killing by any means is illegal, but that does not make it stop. Since Legislators are paid to "do something", they "do something", but they cannot make it stop.