Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Quick KTKC Prize Update...

Had a couple updates I wanted to call out on the 2013 Kilted To Kick Cancer Fundraiser Prizes.

First off, Glenn has added a cool bonus that I'll put with Prize Package #3 (the Multi-Fun Pack):

From Glenn:
200 count (100 pairs) of Radians FP60 uncorded foam earplugs. Supposedly have a NRR of 29. They are made in the USA. Info from their website here: I figure they may come in handy for shooters or anyone needing hearing protection.

I will mail these only to someone within the lower 48 states. I ordered them, from, tonight so should have them long before the end of the month. If for some reason they do not arrive or wind up on back order or out of stock forever, I will substitute a $20 gift card at

I put this with the Multi-Fun pack as a kind of "grab bag of cool stuff" - because who doesn't want a pistol bayonet, and who couldn't use a hundred pairs of individually wrapped ear plugs, right?

Secondly, Bruce sends more clarification on 1/3 of prize package #5 (1500 rounds of .22LR):

That's 500 rounds in a fake spray can to keep your precious rimfire safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers, a necessity in today's cutthroat ammo environment. This is in addition to the 1,000 round bulk pack Bruce has already pledged. 1,500 rounds of .22LR - you literally can't buy a package like this right now.

Ambulance Driver just enlisted the help of the inimitable LawDog to get folks to donate to Kilted to Kick Cancer through him. I can't match the sheer awesome of LawDog, but I can ratchet up my prize packages a bit, so here we are. Two awesome "playsets"*, a frikkin' laser, a fun pack, a kick-ass AR-15 lower, and .22LR ammo. All can be yours, for a tax-deductible donation to the Prostate Cancer Foundation through my donation site:

*Quick note on the playsets here. These are two distinct and separate prizes. I listed them as 1a and 1b because they're both awesome enough to be #1.

Thanks again to everyone who donated items as well as to those that have donated to my fundraising efforts!

That is all.


Brigid said...

Thank you all for doing this. It's a great cause. Thanks to new research and resulting treatments, my Dad has lived years past what his prognosis would have been 20 years ago with the state he was diagnosed with.

P.S. I'm really tired and read teh captha thing as "please prove you're not a rodent"

Jay G said...

And that right there folks is why we do what we do...