Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Syria accepts weapons plan, strike momentum eases
PARIS (AP) — Momentum to avoid Western missile strikes on Syria intensified Tuesday, as President Bashar Assad's government accepted a plan to turn over its chemical weapons stockpile and France pitched a U.N. Security Council resolution to verify the disarmament.

With domestic support for a strike uncertain in the United States and little international appetite to join forces against Assad, the developments had the potential to blunt a thorny diplomatic problem and allow the Obama administration to back away from military action.
Now, read that last sentence right there. Two weeks ago, the Obama Administration was saddlin' up their unilateral horse and rarin' to go kick some backsides in Syria. Now that the Syrians have agreed to turn their chemical weapons over to the Russkies, everything's all hunky dory and Obama gets to walk away, calling it a success. Funny, isn't it, that when Libya abandoned its WMD program after watching us dismantle Iraq, the media ignored it completely - had that been today, we'd be in the stages of repealing the 22nd amendment so Teleprompter Jesus could run again in 2016...

Does *anyone* think that this would have been spun as a win for the Romney administration? Anyone? Bueller? When Bush was in office, a coalition of dozens of countries was called "unilateral". Bush was derided as a "cowboy" for wanting to resume enforcement of the 1991 cease-fire agreement with Iraq. Had President Romney wanted to bomb Syria with only one other country backing the attack? I hardly think that turning everything over to the Russians would been spun as a victory.

One wonders if Obama will start selling arms to Iran and use the profits to send arms to the Syrian rebels...

That is all.


Dave H said...

Media spin aside, this smells like a "good cop/bad cop" ploy to me.

Although thinking of Putin as the "good cop" is too surreal for words.

Bubblehead Les. said...

So once again an Evil Bad Guy gets to take his WMDs and live to fight another day.

So let's see. PLO in the 60s; Iran in the 70s; Hezbollah in Lebanon in the 80s (Beirut Marine Barracks); Somalia in the 90s, plus Saddam got away with it for another 10+ years); Al-Queda is still on the loose, and it was the FRENCH who went after Khadaffi, not us. Okay, we helped THEM for a change.

Meanwhile, Obama has turned Iraq over to the Iranians, we're leaving Afghanistan pretty much unchanged,(i.ee, a Savage Pit of Barbarity); Pakistan still gets to screw everyone, and the Arab Spring has turned into Achmed the Dead Terrorist for President!

And now Syria gets to hand their Chemical Weapons over to Russia for Storage, errrr, "Destruction under UN Inspectors", and no one gets Punished for their use.

You know, after fighting one form of Islamic Terrorism or another for the last FIFTY YEARS, can we have ONE Solid Win for a change? I'd like to get some of that Trillion Dollars or so we spent fighting those Scumbags be not wasted for a change.

Oh well, at least Osama Bin Laden got his.

notDilbert said...

OK --- Finally someone is in charge at the State Department........

Vladimir Putin

Roger said...

The question that comes to my mind is what did obama give up or offer to Putin to arrange this deal?
It had to be something worthy for Putin to rescue the obunglers socialist, narcissistic, worthless butt.
Missile defense? Mediterranean naval forces? Naval bases?
You know it did not come cheap.

Paul, Dammit! said...

And with just a few words and a creepy stare or two, Putin does more for world peace than President Presumptive Nobel Prize himself.

Anonymous said...

Putin didn't rescue Obama; he did just demonstrate that Russia has more pull and more clout in Eurasia and the Middle East than the US does.
(not that this is news... but it is a bit surreal to have it demonstrated so clearly)

Rifleman762 said...

"The question that comes to my mind is what did obama give up or offer to Putin to arrange this deal?"

Time- that's what Obama, Putin and Assad all got out of this. The potential for a deal allowed Obama to ask Congress to wait for a vote. It would have been a "nope" vote if they put a strike to a vote this week. By waiting, Obama has a chance to work the deal and save face, and probably get some form of a yes vote on military action if the deal falls through (which is a moot point if the deal GOES through before any vote).

Putin gets time to sell Syria a missile defense system, and probably aid them in other, more covert ways. He also comes off as a more patient, pragmatic leader on the world stage.

Assad gets time to set up better defenses and basically gets off scot free on the whole thing. It's the equivalent of us confiscating a robber's gun but letting him go for the robbery.

Oh, and Senator Markey officially said that he would vote no on a strike. Convenient timing, Senator.

Geodkyt said...

Don't mistake it -- Putin didn't do this to help Obama.

It's just that President Princess Pullups is doing anything he can to salvage something, to retain some scrap of relevancy on teh world stage.