Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Prize Package Update!

Okay, we've had new prizes added and significant updates to existing packages, so for the last week of the Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraiser challenge, we'll refer to this post as the be-all-end-all post on prizes.

My red-headed blog stepchild was kind enough to put together not one but two "playsets" - remember those cheesy plastic ones you'd get as a kid? Like the "police" playset had a revolver, plastic cuffs, a badge and a whistle? Well, here's two Action Playsets that are the real deal...

Prize Package #1a: The Pirate Action Playset:

That's awfully busy. Let me break it out for you:


Dagger and instruction manual

Boarding axe

Prize Package #1b: The Indian Action Playset:

There's a war club, knife, and a tomahawk in this set. When I say that Michael W. (a.k.a. Dr. Mike - Cutler to the stars) put these playsets together, you have to understand something: He made everything. The tomahawk, the knives, the war club, the boarding axe, the cutlass, the leather work - that's all him. He hand-made everything that you see (except the books) for these two packages.

Think about that for a second, folks - for $5, you get a chance to win a handmade axe, dagger, and cutlass or war club. It's a bahgain!

Thank you, so very much, for everything, Michael.

Prize Package #2: LaserLyte LC9 side-mounted laser

The good folks at LaserLyte sent along this laser after I reviewed the LC9, but I had already shipped it back to Ruger. If you've got an LC9 or LC380, this is a slick unit that installs by replacing the existing side screws. I have one on my P3AT, and it helps quite a bit.

Prize Package #3: Multi-Fun Pack!

Here's a pack of accessories to help dress up your pistol, shotgun, or rifle. There's a Tapco vertical foregrip, a LaserLyte Tri-rail for a 12 gauge shotgun, and a LaserLyte pistol bayonet.

And, we also have this:
From Glenn:
200 count (100 pairs) of Radians FP60 uncorded foam earplugs. Supposedly have a NRR of 29. They are made in the USA. Info from their website here: http://www.radians.com/radsite/index.php/products/industrial-safety-products/hearing-protection/item/radians-resistor-29-earplugs. I figure they may come in handy for shooters or anyone needing hearing protection.

I will mail these only to someone within the lower 48 states. I ordered them, from Sportsmansguide.com, tonight so should have them long before the end of the month. If for some reason they do not arrive or wind up on back order or out of stock forever, I will substitute a $20 gift card at Sportsmansguide.com.

Glenn's also sweetening this deal with another extra:

Remington gun sock. Who couldn't use another one of these? Thanks Glenn!

Prize Package #4: York Arms Stripped AR-15 Lower

Wally has very graciously donated a stripped AR-15 lower, serial number KTKC2013 (how awesome is THAT???) with an engraved Gonzalez flag on the magwell. Pictures will be forthcoming (Wally insisted I wait until after anodizing), and this *is* a firearm, so transfer will have to happen through an FFL and all state and federal laws will be followed.

This prize package needs a picture. And here it is!

Words cannot express how much I love this lower...

Thanks again to Wally!!!

Prize Package #5: 1,500 rounds of .22LR

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That's a real, honest-to-goodness box of 1,000 rounds of .22LR. You also get this:

That's 500 rounds in a fake spray can to keep your precious rimfire safe from prying eyes and sticky fingers, a necessity in today's cutthroat ammo environment. This is in addition to the 1,000 round bulk pack Bruce has already pledged. 1,500 rounds of .22LR - you literally can't buy a package like this right now. 1,500 rounds of rare-as-hen's-teeth .22LR can be yours courtesy of Bruce, retired NH state rep, who will be joining me in a kilted range trip sometime soon... :)

Prize Package #6: The "You've got some time on your hands" package.

First off, Glenn B. sent me this prize offering:

Yes, that is a genuine Cold War era fallout shelter sign. Second, Glenn's also tossing in the following:

Hornady Zombie Max Ammunition 223 Remington 55 Grain Z-Max Box of 20

Per Glenn:
This will be a single box of this ammo. This has a restriction. The prize will absolutely require the winner to send me a signed statement, attesting that he or she is over 18 years old, has never been convicted of a felony or crime of domestic violence, and can legally receive and possess this particular ammunition at his or her current residence. The winner will also have to send me a photo copy of valid government issued ID, showing name, Address (to which the item is shipping) and date of birth. Sorry but our country is just too litigious.

The other new prizes are all zombie themed too and have no restrictions:

Birchwood Casey Darkotic Window Pain Adhesive Target 12" Package of 5

MidwayUSA Zombie Tactical Rifle Case 42" with 6 Pockets PVC Coated Polyester Black and Green

Lauer DuraCoat Zombie Coat Firearm Finish Zombie Green 4 oz

If these ain't neat prizes, nothing is (well except for the ammo and the lower).
Third, I'll also throw in one of these: Zombie Paper Targets. Zombie Industries was kind enough to send a multi-pack of zombie paper targets with the Bleeding Terrorist target for the Fifth Annual Northeast bloggershoot in 2012, and I'll mail these out to the winner of this package.

And last, but certainly not least, Gallery of Guns has donated a special prize for this package as well:

That's the LaserLyte Training pistol LT-TT in a Davidson's Gallery of Guns exclusive purple. It comes with an LT-PRO insert so you can practice your trigger pull with the training pistol or with your own sidearm.

Thanks to Glenn and Gallery of Guns for the awesome prizes!

Like last year, I'll be giving a "ticket" for every $5 donated. Each ticket can be put towards any prize package (think of each prize package as having a "bucket" in front of it into which you can drop your "ticket"...). For example, if you donated $30, you could put six "tickets" into bucket 1a for six chances to win the Pirate Action Playset. You could also put one "ticket" in every bucket for one chance to win each of the prizes. I'll keep a spreadsheet with donation tallies and "ticket" allocations, and at the close of the contest (midnight on September 30, 2013), I'll have a random number generator pick the winners.

Please e-mail me and let me know how you would like your "tickets" allocated!

If reading about these prizes fills you with an urge to donate...

Thanks again to everyone that has or will donate, and especially to my awesome friends for offering up such great prizes!

That is all.

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Glenn B said...

You rock Jay - helping others kick cancer's ass. You are number one in getting donations so far, as far as I am aware. Yee ha!