Thursday, September 26, 2013

Pot, Meet Kettle...

Obama mocks GOP for 'crazy' Obamacare predictions
LARGO, Maryland (AP) — With just five days to go before Americans can begin signing up for health care under his signature law, President Barack Obama on Thursday ridiculed Republican opponents for "crazy" doomsday predictions of the impact and forecast that even those who didn't vote for him are going to enroll.

With polls showing many Americans still skeptical of the law known as "Obamacare," the president went back to the basics of explaining how nearly 50 million uninsured Americans will be able to buy coverage in new government-run exchanges while mocking Republicans for trying to block its implementation. "The closer we get, the more desperate they get," Obama argued.
Really? The man who wants to keep "weapons of war" off our city streets - when he means semi-automatic rifles, which haven't been used since WWII - is accusing the GOP of being desperate? Really? He pushes an "assault weapon" ban in the wake of the Washington Navy Yard shooting even though the weapon used was a standard pump-action shotgun, which has never been included in any talk of bans and in fact was specifically excluded from the 1994 ban.

Maybe he's missed the stories of companies laying of employees or cutting hours back from full time in the run-up to ObamaCare implementation. I mean, this is the man who insisted that bank tellers no longer exist, so it is possible he's just overlooked this. Or maybe his 57 state tour has left him too exhausted to follow up?

You go ahead and call it crazy; we'll call it by its true name: accurate.

That is all.


Stretch said...

Dems deny the rocks are coming up at them then blame the GOP for gravity.

Daniel in Brookline said...

It would be nice to have an American President who told the truth once in a while.