Thursday, September 5, 2013

"Only The Police Should Be Allowed To Own Guns"

That's what the anti-freedom crowd says, right? That only the police (and military) should have guns - you know, because they're so much more trained and trustworthy than us mere peon civilians, right?

Yeah, right.

Oklahoma police chief arrested for allegedly pointing gun at wife's head
TAHLEQUAH, Okla. – An Oklahoma police chief has been arrested for allegedly holding a gun to his wife's head during an argument.

Beggs Police Chief Wesley Fish was released from the Cherokee County Jail on bond Tuesday. Undersheriff Jason Chennault says the 48-year-old Fish was arrested Saturday near Lake Cookson after deputies received a call that a man was holding a woman by the throat with a gun to her head.
You know, I'm scratching my head here. I'm trying to figure out just what a POLICE CHIEF thought was going to happen when he held a gun to his wife's head. I mean, the thin blue line is one thing, but damn. There's only one way that's going to go if it gets swept under the rug, and if he had gotten out of that situation without going to jail, I'd measure her lifespan in days.

Glad to see that not every cop is willing to look the other way.

Here's the thing. I didn't post this to bash cops, far from it. He did something stupid; he's going to pay for it, that is exactly how it should be. It's the notion, espoused by those that would disarm us, that only the police have the magical qualifications to possess firearms. Putting on a badge, it would seem, inoculates the wearer from the ZOMG EVIL DEATHKILLRAY that all guns emit. At least that's how MAIG sees it - they're all surrounded by armed police officers, right?

Cops are human, just like the rest of us. Statistically, concealed carry permit holders are even less likely than police officers to commit crimes - they've got more to lose. Going through the police academy doesn't confer superhuman abilities. Police officers are no more - or less - human than the rest of us. They make mistakes just like everyone else. Being a sworn officer of the law doesn't automatically make a person any more trustworthy than any one else.

A predilection for donuts, OTOH...

That is all.

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Skul said...

"Cops are human, just like the rest of us"

Yes they are.

gun store ga said...

Agreed. Cops are as human as we are. And so I think everyone has the right to carry firearms. Just make sure that you are responsible enough to be a gun owner.

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