Thursday, September 19, 2013

Needs MOAR Gun Control!

Fresh off the BLNN is this little gem:

FBI: Chicago officially America's murder capital
Statistics released by the FBI earlier this week show that Chicago passed New York as America's murder capital in 2012 despite the Windy City only having a third of the Big Apple's population.

The FBI recorded 500 murders in Chicago in 2012, up from 431 in 2011. New York reported 419 murders in 2012, down from 515 the year before.
Chicago, where until very recently the legal ownership of a handgun was illegal. Where, even right now, it is illegal to carry a firearm outside of one's home or business in any manner other than unloaded and locked in a case. More murders than NYC, even though NYC has 3X the population. WTG Chicago! You represent for the gun control movement!

Now, here's something to think about. In the article, the statistic is given that 69% of all reported murders were committed with a firearm. Assuming that trend holds more or less across all areas, that means that out of Chicago's 500 murders, around 350 are committed with a firearm. In a state with (at present time) no provision for the legal carrying of arms. In a city that until three years ago banned the possession of handguns.

And yet the solution to Chicago's gun violence? Why, of course, more gun control! Do it again, only harder! Make guns more illegaller to carry! You know, at some point you've got to think that these people aren't complete morons. They have got to know that no new gun control will ever work - because it's a criminal issue, not a tool issue. However, criminals with guns are of no concern to politicians - armed criminals stick to inner cities, and politicians have armed bodyguars (most often with badges).

We'll leave it as an exercise to the reader what the true aim of gun control really is...

That is all.


Glenn B said...

I am pretty sure NY still ranks higher than Chicago in murders in reality. my understanding is that NYPD officers are prohibited from classifying certain murders as murders and now classify them as manslaughter to lower the statistics on murders. Don't know if that is a fact but it sounds like something Ray Kelley would think up and that Bloomeberg would endorse.

Rob said...

"more illegaller", I like it!

It's kind of like "deader" which isn't far from "a little bit pregnant".

Ancient Woodsman said...

"MOAR gun control" is never the right answer.

"More cowbell," maybe, but never more gun control.

Ed said...

More like Faber College Dean Vernon Wormer's Double Secret Probation:

Old NFO said...

Yeah, how's THAT agenda working for Rahmbo now???