Thursday, September 19, 2013

My Favorite Oldsmobile Addition...

Man, that Shane W. is something else. He's found the fourth DGC addition this week:

Robbery suspect shot and killed by store owner, two suspects at large
BEAUMONT - A spokesperson for the Beaumont Police Department has identified a robbery suspect who was shot and killed during an armed robbery in Beaumont's north end Tuesday evening. Sgt Rob Flores identifies the deceased as Duayne Smith, 25, of Port Arthur.

Police continue to look for two other suspects.

The robbery happened just after 9 p.m. at a game room located in the 3600 block of East Lucas Drive in north Beaumont.
Got that? Three armed goblins jumped a guy and his mom as they were closing up their business for the night. Now, if I remember correctly, it was in Florida where the older gentleman opened fire on three youths who attempted to rob a "game parlor" there - which is a code word for video gambling. No idea if if it's the same euphemism in Texas, but it would explain why they would be so keen to rob the owner as he closed up for the night.

Now, our intrepid businessman knows that bad things happen after dark, and that carrying large sums of cash makes one a target. He had a defensive firearm and was prepared to use it effectively - and three against one odds, that's pretty gutsy right there. He's either a good shot or the men who robbed him were exceptionally cowardly (or both) - he shot one down and the other two just started running.

There's a bit in the video from the pastor of the church down the street. Now, far be it from me to argue with a man of G-d, but it would seem to me that the problem has a lot less to do with our "capitalist" society and a lot more to do with a certain segment that feels they are owed a living. In my view, the "capitalist" was trying to make a living and the three choirboys that attacked him could have remained unharmed simply by obeying the law.

Whatever happened to "Thou Shalt Not Steal", Rev.?

Dead Goblin Count: 442

That is all.

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Armed Texan said...


I think you misinterpreted what the pastor said. I did not hear him defend the thugs or disparage their victims in any way. If I may, let me paraphrase what I heard him say: We live in a capitalist society so these people do not need to steal to get what they need or want; they have opportunities to work for that.

Notice that the town hall meeting he is hosting is to "discuss ways to keep young people out of a life of crime."

This seems to be his passion: