Monday, September 2, 2013

Kilted Picture, Day Two

Much like I did last year, I want to put up a different kilted picture every day. This one comes to us from the lovely Jennifer, who snapped it at the Gunnie Prom at the Flying Saucer in Houston:

That's Michael - who is also participating in KTKC, BTW, TomcatTCH, Tweaker, your humble host, and GayCynic, left to right. We decided that The Flying Saucer didn't have enough gunbloggers in kilts that evening, so we decided to rectify the situation.

Again, if there's a pose you want to see, offer up a donation and I'll see about making it happen. I don't believe I've turned anything down (other than an up-kilt shot, and no one wants to see that anyways). If you would like to donate (and we all appreciate the donations no matter who you're donating to), you can donate to my campaign here:

Again, as an incitement to donate to Kilted to Kick Cancer through my efforts as opposed to those of others, I have assembled a number of prizes that can be won by donating. As I did last year, every $5 that is donated gives one "ticket" that can be used in a raffle to win each of the prize packages. It seemed to work pretty well last year, so I see no reason not to repeat it.

I'll have an updated prize package post up later today - there's another awesome prize available - and thanks to those that have donated!

That is all.

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