Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Kilted Picture, Day Four

Took a few "themed" pictures last night. This one should be pretty easy:

The hat and shirt are courtesy of my #1 blogdaughter, the awesome knife on my belt courtesy of my red-headed blog stepchild, and the "M-16" is, believe it or not, from my childhood. It's one of the Entertech series of water guns from the 1980s, and my kids were SHOCKED that it didn't have an orange plastic tip.

I've got a few more "themed" kilted pictures ready for this week. If there's a specific theme you'd like to see me attempt, let me know in comments - along with the donation you're willing to make!

All month long I'll be going about kilted and posting kilted pictures as part of Kilted to Kick Cancer. As we've done in years past, there's a friendly competition running to see who can raise the most money for prostate cancer research. As I did last year, I have a pretty awesome array of prizes that can be won as an incentive to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation on my behalf. Which you can do here:

As always, thanks to everyone who has or is thinking about donating, and a special thank you to the folks that gave prizes as incentives!

That is all.


Brad_in_MA said...


I've got some DAYGLO orange duct tape you can use to wrap the barrel. I've also got hot pink if you're so inclined. You know, For the Children (tm).

Daniel in Brookline said...

I was expecting a pic of you in the hat, holding up the toy M-16, saying with an utterly serious expression:

"I call her Vera."

Since you seem interesting in challenges, Jay, how big a donation would it take for you to post a video, of yourself, wearing the hat (and a kilt, of course), playing guitar and singing "The hero of Canton, the man they call Jayne"...

Kermit said...

My wife took one look at that picture, and said, and I quote:
"He is my superhero."