Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kilted Picture, Day Five

Heh. Guess who today's kilted picture is a tribute to?

I wasn't about to use his trademark finger, so I'll settle for "1", as in "I'd sure like to be the number one fundraiser for KTKC."

Ambulance Driver is giving away stories from LawDog as enticements to donate to him.

Jeff B. is offering handcrafted beer as his raison d'donate.

Me, well, I've got a whole bunch of awesome prizes to give you a reason to donate through me.

No matter who you ultimately decide to donate through (me), everybody wins. That's the beauty of Kilted to Kick Cancer.

All month long I'll be going about kilted and posting kilted pictures as part of Kilted to Kick Cancer. As we've done in years past, there's a friendly competition running to see who can raise the most money for prostate cancer research. As I did last year, I have a pretty awesome array of prizes that can be won as an incentive to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation on my behalf. Which you can do here:

As always, thanks to everyone who has or is thinking about donating, and a special thank you to the folks that gave prizes as incentives!

That is all.


Farm.Dad said...

Good looking hat there Jayn lol

Jay G said...

Heh. Thanks. I *am* pretty fond of that hat... ;)

The Neon Madman said...

Me, I was thinking a little like Lee Van Cleef