Sunday, September 8, 2013

Kilted Picture, Day Eight

So, where was I yesterday?

Yep, rockin' the kilt at a gun club. Wally's gun club as a matter of fact. He showed me the KTKC AR-15 lower that is Prize #4 - it looks, as they say in Maine, wicked pissah. There's a couple more pics kicking around from yesterday's shootie goodness. And yes, one of them is me shooting prone. Any takers for donations on that one? Either to see it - or not to see it... ;)

All month long I'll be going about kilted and posting kilted pictures as part of Kilted to Kick Cancer. As we've done in years past, there's a friendly competition running to see who can raise the most money for prostate cancer research. As I did last year, I have a pretty awesome array of prizes that can be won as an incentive to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation on my behalf. Which you can do here:

As always, thanks to everyone who has or is thinking about donating, and a special thank you to the folks that gave prizes as incentives!

That is all.


Ed said...

"Wicked pissah" is not Mainiac speech. Try eastern Massachusetts and Maine.

libertyman said...

Geez, I was a few miles away at my camp, we will have to coordinate a visit one of these days.

I am going to get my Maine concealed carry permit. They say it takes 150 days now!!!

Daniel in Brookline said...

Nice shirt!!