Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Just Give Them What They Want"...

Jacqueline in Texas sends this heartbreaking story in...

Family has message after loved one is murdered for cell phone, cash at Subway
HOUSTON—The family of a man who was shot and killed at a Subway restaurant in southeast Houston last week is speaking out about the loss of their loved one. Christopher McGrew died on September 17 after he was fatally shot by a teen robber.

According to Houston police, Xavier Jones and Dante Talbert, both 17 years old, were armed when they went into the shop in the 6400 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard around 9:20 p.m.
17 years old, eh? You mean the age that angelic young Trayvon Martin was when he was brutally murdered in cold blood by KKK Grand Wizard George Zimmerman, right? Are these two goblins just young boys out looking for Skittles? 17 years old may technically be a child (as in, not legally recognized as an adult), but certainly of age to cause severe and permanent harm. Or, you know, murder someone for their cell phone.

Second, before President Obama says it, ZOMG WE NEED MOAR GUN CONTROL!!!1111 I mean, it's illegal for a seventeen year old to carry a firearm (even in Texas) and it's illegal to shoot people to steal their money. ONE MORE LAW would have stopped this! I'm certain that they obtained the firearm through perfectly legal channels and simply forgot that Texas law required them to have a concealed carry permit, right?

Thirdly, I wonder how this would have been presented had the man who was killed had been carrying a firearm and turned the tables on his assailants? Would we be treated to the same spectacle we saw in Florida where the media presented the story as a young boy shot in cold blood by an evil concealed carry holder?

Lastly, how do you reason with someone willing to kill over a cell phone and the money in your pocket? Do these people really think that passing yet another law is going to stop someone with such wanton disregard for human life? And what's going to happen once they are caught? Any bets on whether they're going to face the maximum penalty? Or are we going to be treated to the endless sad tale of woe that led them to a life of crime and then they're released at 21?

I know I run the risk of sounding like a broken record here, but we most assuredly do not have a gun problem - we have a societal one.

That is all.

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Daniel in Brookline said...

I wonder what would happen if the President used his once-vaunted Bully Pulpit... and gave a speech on how killing a person for cash and/or a cell phone is not only illegal, but is A Bad Thing that no friend of his would ever do.

I mean, he still has a lot of people who think he walks on water, right? So it might not help much... but if it persuaded just one juvenile delinquent not to commit murder, wouldn't it be worth it?

Okay, dream over, back to the real world...