Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Hump Day Addition...

Shane W. sends in the latest addition to the count:

Armed robbery suspect shot, killed in Charlotte
CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Police said a man who tried robbing three men at a Charlotte apartment complex was shot and killed by one of the victims.

The Charlotte Observer reported that 21-year-old Omari Aiken died as a result of the alleged attempted robbery Friday night in the 7900 block of Antlers Lane.
Two men burst into a residence, threatening the residents inside. Two of the residents ran, prompting the men to start shooting. One of the residents retrieved a firearm, came back, and shot both attackers. That's how it's done, folks. That's some serious grace under fire and competence under pressure. Two armed men, who have already shown a willing disregard for life, against one determined armed citizen - and the armed citizen comes out on top.

Notice, mainstream media, that this story gets it right. The people being assaulted in their own homes are the victims. The people that came in and started shooting are not, even though they wound up losing. Losing the gunfight does not automatically make one a victim - certainly not when the loser started the fight in the first place.

We can certainly call the armed resident by their rightful title: Winner!

Dead Goblin Count: 437

That is all.


Cormac said...

I would hate to be called "victim" in a case like that...

Winner, survivor, pissed-off (nominally) free man defending himself and his loved ones...? Yeah.

Jay G said...

You're still a victim. The sanctity of your home has been violated. People committed crimes of trespass, assault, and attempted murder against your person and of those with you.

That you prevailed (and sent one to his Judgement) does not lessen that you had crimes committed against you...

Windy Wilson said...

I love a story with a happy ending (the likelihood of recivism is cut in half, which is a happy ending to me). Too bad it wasn't a twofer.

Anyone who thinks that the death of one of the robbers is a bad thing, they are right, but on the scale of bad things, the death of a man willing to kick the lid off of hell by threatening peaceful residents with death if they don't give him stuff he didn't earn is way down there with my omelette is over cooked this morning at the hotel.
It would have been better had the two men had a "road to Damascus" experience driving to their intended victims, but nowadays that is apparently too much to hope for. Until such conversions are more common, I hope the victims are not too troubled by the outcome; after all, they didn't go to his house to shoot him, and when guns are pointed at you the fine nuances of Lee Stausbergian motivation are lost in the muzzle of the gun pointed at you.