Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #338

Today's gun pic comes to us courtesy of Roger, purveyor of many fine gun pics...

I'll let Roger tell you about this interesting little pistola:
Jay, You appreciate the different and the unusual.

Here's  one for you. Czech Duo, .25 acp. A copy of the John Browning (PBUH) Colt .25 pistol of 1908. Produced by CZ from 1924 until the late 40's.  This one was made & marked in 1944 under German occupation.

The pistol came to me through several family layers. It was in a box of non functional handguns that came from my gun collecting grandfathers estate to my father, where it and its box-mates stayed in a closet for 45 years, then to my brother where they stayed in a closet for 13 years. Then to me.  It was in sad shape, pitted, missing parts and very dirty. Some research found the missing parts (Thanks Wisner's in WA.) 

The occupation manufactured Duo pistols were very popular with German officers. Three of my uncles fought all across France & Germany in WWII, They're long gone now, but I wonder if perhaps they brought the little pistol back.  No way to know. Cleaned up as much as it can be cleaned, it now fires and cycles just like a good Browning design does & yes I know not to shoot anyone with it because they might discover that they've been shot & get angry.
Roger is absolutely right, I do like the different and the unusual. That's one interesting little pistola he's got there, and knowing the provenance behind it, and the family connection, makes it that much better. That reminds me, actually. Dad G. has a genuine Baby Browning that he used to carry as his back-up; I need to ask him where that came from one of these days...

Thanks for sharing her with us, Roger!

That is all.

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Dave H said...

Now that's a neat story. I wish I came from a line of gunnies like that. For a while Mom had Grandma's old service pistol. (Grandma drove a rural mail route in a horse-drawn cart, and the Post Office issued her a little revolver.) But Mom was afraid one of us kids would steal some ammo and try to shoot it, so she gave it to her brother.