Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Gun Pr0n #335

Today's gun pic comes to us courtesy of Roger (he of the sweet York Arms lower):

I'll let Roger tell you about it:
Browning Mk III High Power, John Browning's (PBUH) last design, chambered in 40 S&W. Fitted with rosewood grips, wide trigger, hammer & sear from Cylinder & Slide, Bar-Sto match barrel & LPA tpu adjustable rear sight with Hi Viz fiber optic front sight. Accurate & reliable, John's masterpiece fits the hand like it was born there and points naturally.
I've got one of the early models of the Hi Power, an Argentinian model in the traditional 9mm. I'll admit I don't take her out as much as I'd like to - especially not recently, where 9mm ammunition is either unobtanium or priced higher than .45 ACP (!!!). If I'm going to burn through some of my precious 9mm plinking stash, it's going to be run through my carry 9mm (S&W M&P9 compact) before the Browning.

But boy, howdy, that's a purty gun there, Roger - thanks for sharing!

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I miss my 1969 Belgian 9mm. It was JMB's last design - another 'smith finished it.
Nothing more need to be said.


Anonymous said...

I got an Israeli surplus Hi-Power this spring from Cole's Distributing, which still has a great many of them on Gunbroker.

Mine's a late-production Mark III, parkerized, with ambi safety and high profile sights. It's been modded with tool steel sear, no-bite hammer, and wide target trigger from Cylinder & Slide, plus slim G-10 grips from Larry Davidson. It's a joy to shoot.