Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Addition!

Shane W. sent in today's special Friday DGC addition. I know I normally do these earlier, but everything's shifted this month with the KTKC fundraiser...

Robber shot dead in home invasion
SANFORD — A would-be robber was fatally shot Wednesday and an accomplice was hospitalized after a homeowner returned gunfire during a home invasion on Marsh Market Road in northwestern Accomack County.

It was the second time in the area this year in which the victim of a home-invasion robbery fired a shot at an armed intruder.
You know what? Keep shooting at them until they get the idea that it's hazardous to their health to be kicking in doors and trying to take that which does not belong to them. It's called an occupational hazard - if you choose the occupation of "burglar", one of the hazards you will face is that you may very well run into a homeowner that does not acquiesce to your plans for distribution of their wealth. And they may very well bust a cap in your ass, especially if you're dumb enough to threaten them...

One goblin deceased, the other wounded - this is after they opened fire on the homeowner. You know, batting .500 is pretty damn good considering the adrenaline dump of "HOLY S**T THEY'RE SHOOTING AT ME". I certainly hope that if, G-d forbid, I am ever in that position I can do as well. Another thing to notice about this robbery is the time - the call to the police came in at ten minutes to 10 PM. This isn't middle of the night or during normal work hours here - this is pretty solidly in the "people are likely to be home and awake" time frame. These armed goblins didn't care if they kicked in the door and people were home.

It's a good thing that homeowner was armed, and not just with a whistle.

Dead Goblin Count: 435

That is all.


Geodkyt said...

"Slide lock is your friend."

Which is also why, despite being a 1911 fan, my "Bump in the night" handgun is a .40 double stack (and being as I expect after being woken up at Oh-God-Thirty to be even less functional than "normal" confrontation stress, is why it's a DAO).

MOAR BULLETZ may not solve all problems, but it does provide more margin for error against multiple attackers. Unlike that lady who had to solve things a few months ago with a 5-shot revolver. . .

Anonymous said...

Bump in the night try a lar-9 with a twenty five round mag 500 lumen light and an eotech (btw makes for a exceptional ( friday gun porn post) pics available great blog

Geodkyt said...

Well, I have a longarm as first choice, having great confidence in 30 rounds of M193 with an attached Surefire 190 lumen light.

But (for very good reasons IMNSHO), that longarm is intentionally placed where it takes me enough time to get up and ready that I am going to be awake. The Bump in the Night handgun is intended to allow me to GET to the rifle.