Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bloodthirsty Americans...

Does this story sound familiar? A poor, disadvantaged youth, confused on his way to church for choir practice, mistakenly wanders into a jewelry store while holding a shotgun, only to be shot by some triggerhappy cowboy. Thanks to #1 blogdaughter for sending this story about out-of-control Americans fueled by the NRA and the gun lobby.

Outrage in France after jeweler charged for killing thief
PARIS – Outrage is growing in France over the decision to bring voluntary homicide charges against a jeweler who shot and killed an escaping robber, but the country's top security official on Tuesday urged fearful storekeepers to let justice take its course.

The 67-year-old jeweler, Stephan Turk, was confined at home with an electronic bracelet after the shooting last week that left a teenage robber dead in the street outside Turk's jewelry story in the French Riviera city of Nice. An accomplice escaped on a motorbike as the body lay in the street.

There's outrage over the shopkeeper being charged, and it's hard to understand why without knowing more about French law. Maybe in France you're supposed to let them shoot you before you can shoot back? It seems to me that two adult males, walking into a store with expensive wares, have broadcast their intentions for all to see when they are wielding deadly weapons. You walk into a jewelry store with a shotgun in your hands, you are saying, loud and clear "I am here to take things from you, and if you resist me, I will kill you."

Can't say I fault the store owner for shooting first.

The story does sound like it could have come from any US inner city. A teenager - who has already sired children he obviously cannot afford to care for - has already embarked on a life of crime (the recently deceased had just been released from serving a previous sentence) and is not deterred by the "justice" system. Why should they, really, when they get a slap on the wrist and a sympathetic media decrying the barbarism of defending one's self?

And remember, it's not a DGC addition because it was outside of the US...

That is all.


Dave H said...

I suspect it's the "escaping robber" part that drew the charge. If the guy's escaping he's no longer an immediate threat, so a defensive shoot isn't justified.

Matthew said...

My take on reading the initial story is the thief was running away when the shopkeeper plugged him.

That's a little more dicey, but speaks volumes about what must be going on "criminal's rights-wise" that the other merchants are fed up enough to come to the shooter's defense.

Stan said...

How exactly is the shopkeeper supposed to know that just because Ice Dog is leaving he won't decide to turn around and remove his "witness problem"?

Don't commit armed robbery and you won't get shot. He threw down an gauntlet and the shopkeeper threw it back.

Anonymous said...

What happened to this thief was no different than what happened to the James gang in Northfield MN, except for the number of participants.

That said, this guy would be arrested and prosecuted here in the US. He ran out into the street and started shooting down a street full of people at the bad guys as they are fleeing on a motor scooter. He did not shoot at the robber until the robbery was completed and they were out of the store and escaping.

But I hope he gets off. If I was on the jury, he would.

Ed said...

At no point in the story is it reported that the robber discarded the shotgun, so he was still a threat to anyone within range. He had already announced his intentions, but it appears that he was unprepared for armed opposition to his plans.