Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What It's All About...

Took this shot yesterday morning:

The kids and I set out for the beach at low tide to find sand dollars. Mom G. *loooves* sand dollars and requested that we bring her back one, so the kids took it to heart that we had to find a sand dollar for Nona. Off we went, in the rain, to comb the beach at low tide for sand dollars.

We found exactly one; TheBoy managed to spot it in the customary half-circle in the sand. Hermit crabs the beach was lousy with 'em; sand dollars not so much. They must either be a lot better at hiding these days; either that or a lot worse and the seagulls are getting them.

I just loved the way this shot came out, with my son off in the distance and my daughter heading out to join him in the surf. They're having a blast down here on the Cape (although the Canal cruise bored them to tears), and their dad's having a pretty darn good time too). Today we've got a long day of climbing on rocks, riding bikes on the canal, and looking for more sand dollars.

It's a rough life, but someone's gotta lead it...

That is all.

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