Friday, August 16, 2013

What If You Held A Robbery And No One Came?

Jacqueline in Texas sends in this amusing story (that could have ended better...)

Uncooperative customers ruin robbery at Houston Taco Cabana
Smith said three men walked into the eatery, grabbed money and at least one of them opened fire, wounding the woman who was a clerk.

Then the men dashed outside with an undisclosed amount of cash. They reportedly sped away in a red car.

Police initially said the suspects tried to make the customers and workers inside huddle together. When they were unable to control the people, at least one of the suspects fired gunshots into the ceiling.
It's really unfortunate that - this being Texas and all - when the robber opened fire, no one returned his challenge. Now, I understand, it sure sounds like the place was crowded, and maybe there wasn't an opportunity for a clear shot. I wonder if the clerk was hit directly or by a ricochet? In any case, it certainly could have been worse - and it could have turned out better, too, had this instead turned into a DGC...

Now, it does bring up an interesting point. In a case like this, where people don't just line up like good sheep, what are the possible outcomes? The robbers can either give up, or they can start hurting or killing people to gain compliance. Again, you're betting your health and safety on the good graces of someone that has begun their introduction to you by breaking the law and threatening your life. I'm not inclined to think too highly of them or their mercy.

Better to answer the challenge of shots fired into the ceiling with return fire into the goblin, just to be safe.

That is all.


Sabra said...

It takes a lot to tear people away from their Cabana bowls. It's serious food.

Also, Harris is a blue county, which even in Texas probably leads to less gun ownership.

Monkey said...

Also, while this may have happened in Texas, Taco Cabana has had as a company policy to post the 30.06 (the legal and enforceable, no guns signs here), so it was a certainty that the people were unarmed.