Friday, August 23, 2013

Well, Isn't This Precious?

DHS employee spends spare time promoting race war against 'whites'
A Department of Homeland Security manager in charge of buying weapons and ammunition for the government is, on the side, running an inflammatory website that throws around gay slurs and advocates the mass murder of "whites" and the "ethnic cleansing" of "Uncle Tom race traitors," according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Ayo Kimathi, who calls himself the “Irritated Genie,” told his supervisors that the website was set up to sell concert and lecture videos.
Just imagine the furor if, during the Bush Administration, a white manager in the DHS was affiliated with Stormfront. Just imagine. Not only that, but imagine if he had lied about the content of his website to receive DHS approval for it. How many nanoseconds would someone who advocated for the wholesale slaughter of black people last, do you think?

The most laughable part of the story? This:
It is not known what disciplinary actions, if any, will be taken against Kimathi.
Close your eyes. What do you see? I'll bet that's about what will happen - a big, fat nothing. He's gotten clearance to operate the website - it's not his fault that whoever was responsible for granting approval didn't do their due diligence and discover the true nature of his site. He won't be fired; it's quite doubtful he'll even have any action taken against him.

And the rest of the media won't touch this story with a 10 foot pole...

That is all.

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Bob said...

I'd comment, but Tam would expect me to, so I won't. :-p

Bubblehead Les. said...

Think about this: His Bosses are worried he might go Postal. He lied about his Website. He promulgates Hate Speech. He's in charge of buying Guns and Ammo for ICE, the second largest FEDERAL Law Enforcement Agency in the nation, which was told to "Stand Down" from doing their Job by Obama, yet they have 2,000 MRAPS given to them by the DOD. He's such a concern that the SPLC (which is NO Friend to the Right) put him on their Watch List.

Yet the response from the Federal Government is... Nothing. Zero. Silence.

Nor does their seem to be anything from Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, the DOJ, etc.

So one has to ask a question or two. Why is he still on the Job? Is he "Redistributing the Wealth" in regards to the Guns and Ammo to some "Outside People?" Who put him in there in the First Place? Why did it take the SPLC to break this news, and not the Feds?

And how many MORE people like him are in positions of Power and Authority in the Obama Regime?

Suzanne McCarley said...

Not surprising if it's true.

However, SPLC tends to label as Right-Wing-Extremist-Domestic-Terrorist-OMG-AAAAAgh, anything even slightly right of outright communism, while accepting funding from folks who advocate eugenics. I take its pronouncements with a grain of salt.

Suzanne McCarley said...

(SPLC acknowledging the very existence of un-white racists could just be a little bid for credibility...)