Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Two Days, Two Additions!

John the Texaner sends in the latest addition to the DGC.

Dead home invasion suspect identified
SAN ANTONIO - The Bexar County Medical Examiner's Office has released the name of the home invasion suspect who was shot and killed at a northwest side apartment complex on Tuesday.

San Antonio police said 23-year-old Rashad Wilson and two other men kicked in the front door of an apartment in the 10300 block of Sahara Drive and began to ransack the home.
One of the people in the apartment grabbed a firearm and opened fire on the assailants, killing one of the men. Fortunately for the homeowner and her four children, self-help is not discouraged in Texas.   Once again, they broke into the wrong got-damned rec room:

There's a movie quote for every occasion - even a DGC...

Dead Goblin Count: 424

That is all.


Rob said...

I've always enjoyed that movie... can't even imagine how loud that actually would have been.

Sabra said...

Oh, damn. That is not too far from where I live. Probably shouldn't have Googled that one.

Braden Lynch said...

I want that wall of firearms.