Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Three Days Away...

...from a whole month of kilty goodness! Ambulance Driver is busy putting together prize packages for the 2013 Kilted to Kick Cancer Fundraiser, and I figured I need to get my s**t in one sock as it were for the 2013 Fundraiser. For starters, I figured I'd tell you about the prizes I'm offering this year to entice you to donate on my behalf. Got some cool stuff this year...

My red-headed blog stepchild was kind enough to put together not one but two "playsets" - remember those cheesy plastic ones you'd get as a kid? Like the "police" playset had a revolver, plastic cuffs, a badge and a whistle? Well, here's two Action Playsets that are the real deal...

Prize Package #1a: The Pirate Action Playset:

That's awfully busy. Let me break it out for you:


Dagger and instruction manual

Boarding axe

Prize Package #1b: The Indian Action Playset:

There's a war club, knife, and a tomahawk in this set. The manual tells you how to throw a tomahawk, but TheBoy wanted to give a series of visuals, too:

When I say that Michael W. (a.k.a. Dr. Mike - Cutler to the stars) put these playsets together, you have to understand something: He made everything. The tomahawk, the knives, the war club, the boarding axe, the cutlass, the leather work - that's all him. He hand-made everything that you see (except the books) for these two packages.

Thank you, so very much, for everything, Michael.

Prize Package #2: LaserLyte LC9 side-mounted laser

The good folks at LaserLyte sent along this laser after I reviewed the LC9, but I had already shipped it back to Ruger. If you've got an LC9 or LC380, this is a slick unit that installs by replacing the existing side screws. I have one on my P3AT, and it helps quite a bit.

Prize Package #3: Multi-Fun Pack!

Here's a pack of accessories to help dress up your pistol, shotgun, or rifle. There's a Tapco vertical foregrip, a LaserLyte Tri-rail for a 12 gauge shotgun, and a LaserLyte pistol bayonet.

Like last year, I'll be giving a "ticket" for every $5 donated. Each ticket can be put towards any prize package (think of each prize package as having a "bucket" in front of it into which you can drop your "ticket"...). For example, if you donated $20, you could put four "tickets" into bucket 1a for four chances to win the Pirate Action Playset. You could also put one "ticket" in every bucket for one chance to win each of the prizes. I'll keep a spreadsheet with donation tallies and "ticket" allocations, and at the close of the contest (midnight on September 30, 2013), I'll have a random number generator pick the winners.

I'm hoping to get some more prize packages, so stay tuned. I'll be posting my KTKC donation information on the 1st - I'm thinking of keeping it strictly to the Prostate Center Foundation this year for simplicity's sake; if anyone has any strenuous objections and would rather donate to LiveStrong, I'll get an account set up there as well.

Also, I will be more than happy to entertain any and all requests for pictures, videos, etc. as I have in years past. I came in second place to AD the first year and won last year's fundraising competition and I'd like to put in a good showing this year. Donations are tax-deductible, and it goes towards a great cause.

Plus, you get to see my Italian legs in a kilt!

That is all.


Old NFO said...

Mike does good work! :-)

Michael W. said...

Thank you for the kind words, beloved blog step-daddy.

The boy shows good form. Tell him if he keeps out of trouble and washes behind his ears every once in a while, when I can find the time I will send him a throwing axe of his own.