Saturday, August 24, 2013

This is How Government "Thinks"...

Florida food stamp agency ‘saves’ taxpayers $1.7M -- by stopping fraudulent payments
When the Florida Department of Children and Families claimed earlier this month to have saved taxpayers $1.7 million in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, or food stamps, what they really meant was they stopped subsidizing people who didn't qualify for the program.

A simple cross-referencing of patients living full-time in seven state mental health facilities found 400 residents who were improperly receiving SNAP or cash assistance.
400 people who were in full-time, state-owned mental health facilities were receiving food stamp assistance. People who were in care facilities that provided them with food 24/7 were getting food stamps. After a simple cross-referencing of names, the names were removed from the food stamp list and the state - with a straight face, mind you - claimed to have "saved" the $1.7 million. Yes, that's how governments think, folks. "We stopped wasting your money, so that 's a savings".

Yes, in the most technical of senses it *is* a savings, in that there's $1.7 million that's not going out any more. But it misses the very basic point that it should never have gone out in the first place. Folks, this is 2013. We have national agencies that spy on us 24/7, recording our every e-mail, text message, and Facebook dripping, yet the Florida Dept. of Children and Families can't pay an intern to run a database query on folks receiving assistance?

I wonder how much more money could be "saved" by better cross-referencing of names?

That is all.

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notDilbert said...

" Government Thinks" is a contradiction of terms.

Now if they could only run a query comparing dead people to those on the food stamp role they could "Save" even more...... but they are probably saving that headline till closer to an election cycle.

I suspect that there are now a lot of relatives of people in those homes that are now pissed that "Their" food stamp card has been cut off.

Old NFO said...

You really don't want an answer do you Jay??? Your head would explode! Try billions for starters...

Jake (formerly Riposte3) said...

"We stopped wasting your money, so that's a savings".

No surprise there. It's the same mindset that claims that increasing the next year's budget by less than planned is a "budget cut".

Ed said...

Look how much money I saved by buying these discounted items!

Sound familiar?