Monday, August 26, 2013

The Cobra Jet Addition!

Reader Tim sends in the latest edition of the count. Those familiar with muscle cars will instantly know the number I'm referring to in the title...

Hamilton homeowner shoots, kills man in robbery after being stabbed multiple times, police say
CINCINNATI -- Police said a man was shot to death and another was stabbed Thursday night during a home invasion in Hamilton.

When officers arrived at the home in the 1800 block of Parrish Avenue, they found 38-year-old Robert D. Shoemaker with multiple stab wounds to his neck on his front porch.
Generally, when someone breaks into your house and starts stabbing you, you've got a pretty good case for shooting them the hell dead. This is why the "your stuff isn't worth killing someone over" crowd is so full of s**t. You have no idea if the person kicking in your door is going to grab your laptop, Xbox, and loose cash and run back out the door, or if they're going to grab a knife out of the butcher block and try to kill you. You just don't know.

In this case, the intruder broke in and started stabbing. To the forces against freedom, the homeowner should have engaged the assailant in knifeplay, rather than using the best tool for defense possible. Or better, engage a knife-wielding assailant with karate chops and judo throws - because everyone has an entire lifetime to devote to following Bruce Lee, right? They're simply horrified that we would take such a crude shortcut as a firearm.

"Give them what they want" only works if you assume that "what they want" is a chest full of 230 grain hollowpoints.

Dead Goblin Count: 427

That is all.


libertyman said...

Wasn't the Cobra Jet a 428?

JohnMXL said...

In Fords, the 427 was notable for the SOHC ("Cammer") configuration.

In Chevys, the 427 began as a race engine buildup of the 409, then came back as an upgrade of the 396.

So this should be either the SOHC Addition or the L71/L72/ZL1 addition, if you want my opinion.

Joe said...

Libertyman is correct, the Cobra Jet was a 428. It was a bored and stroked version of the 390.

Sean D Sorrentino said...

The 427 was a version of the 390 FE block. Apparently it was tough to manufacture so they developed a new version that was the 428 CJ.

I always wanted an aluminum 427 powered Cobra kit car.

Ed said...

I remembered a picture of the engine with "427" on the valve covers, so I looked it up:

425, 427, or 428? Yes.