Tuesday, August 13, 2013

That's A Feature, Not A Bug...

#1 Blogdaughter sends in the blood pressure raiser of the day:

Protected plates give growing number of officials the green-light to avoid fines
WASHINGTON – Loopholes in California and Colorado laws designed to keep criminals from hunting down cops and other public employees are being used by local officials and their extended family as a way to avoid paying thousands of dollars in traffic and parking fines.

In Colorado, special license plates issued to 100 state lawmakers and representatives not only shield them from radar tickets for speeding, but also prevent collection notices on past-due parking tickets.
If you happen to think these things are unrelated, I have some prime oceanfront property to sell you. In North Dakota. It is yet another perk that the political elite enjoy that us commoners will never know. They get to ignore parking restrictions and blow through tollbooths, all the while knowing that there will never be any payback.

It does make a few things clearer, though, when you think about it. Red light cameras now make more sense, knowing that state reps and other state workers are exempt from paying those fines. Who's going to argue against a red light camera when they know they'll never have to pay? With Congress being given blanket exemption from ObamaCare, extra perks, all this; one thing becomes blatantly clear - they absolutely view themselves as above us.

And as long as we keep voting these imbeciles back into office, they pretty much are.

That is all.

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John Anderson said...
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John Anderson said...

And so long as the attitude of...

"While everyone knows that Congressman/Senator Smith from the neighboring State votes for pork-barrel projects like a fish likes water, my guy here in my State is a good guy; he brings home the Federal dinero like nobody else, so I'm going to keep voting for him"

... is the prevailing attitude among voters, we are never going to vote them out.

Anonymous said...

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others. Pretty much sums this up.

One of the biggest problems is that while most people agree that Congress, their Legislature, Local Government is broken; they continue to hold to a certain party in our duopoly system and then cause further damage by believing their supported candidate is not the problem.

My belief is this: If they are in office and the problem continues then they are the problem and must go away.