Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sweet Giveaway!

So, the crazy folks over at TeamGunblogger have a giveaway going on...
Here’s the deal. We have three great holsters for pocket semi-automatics to give away, along with two funny and informative books on concealed carry. From now until midnight Arizona time on Labour Day (or Labor Day to all my non-Canadian friends) each “Like” and “Follow” on either our Twitter feed or Facebook page is one chance to win, and each like or follow on MyGunCulture‘s Twitter feed or Facebook page is another chance to win, so with four clicks of the mouse, you’ll have four chances to win.
Now, despite my intense jealousy over MyGunCulture getting to participate in the Crimson Trace 3-Gun Invitational, I've got to begrudgingly admit that he's got the chops to do it. And they're giving away some great gear, all in the interest of increasing their fan base. I can grok that. Having met everyone involved in the project, I can say without reservation that this is a good, knowledgeable group of people putting together quality stuff.

So go make with the clicky - and possibly win stuff!

That is all.

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