Wednesday, August 28, 2013


A whole bunch of people sent me this story. It's a cautionary tale on many, many levels...

'Point 'em out, knock 'em out': Brutal game ends when assault victim fires his concealed handgun
The game was called "point 'em out, knock 'em out," and it was as random as it was brutal.

The object: Target an innocent victim for no other reason than they are there, then sucker punch him or her.

But on this day in Lansing, there would be no punch. The teen-age attacker had a stun gun. He did not know his would-be victim was carrying a legally concealed pistol.
So, let me get this straight. There's a "game" where teenagers pick people out at random and beat them unconscious. They often do this with the tacit or overt approval and assistance of their peers. The victims are chosen at random and have not done anything to provoke this; they just happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

So, this poor dude is waiting at his daughter's bus stop. He's 28; I'm guessing his daughter isn't a middle schooler - probably kindergarten/first grade or thereabouts. This happened in late May, towards the end of the school year. There's probably a million things going through this poor guy's head, when out of nowhere this punk shows up, walks past, then doubles back and jams something in the guy's side.

What's he supposed to think?

Now, stop for a second. Stop right there. What would have happened if the stun gun had worked as intended? The victim would most likely have been incapacitated - dropped to the ground incapable of movement. Depending on the type of stun gun, he could have been incapacitated for as long as the stun gun was fired or until it ran out of power. While he was laying on the ground, incapable of movement, he could easily have been beaten to death like the WWII veteran in Washington.

The point is, at the moment that stun gun jammed into the victim's side, he had absolutely no way of knowing or telling whether this was some dumb kid trying to play tough, a robbery attempt, or a gang initiation that required him to die. I don't blame him one bit for drawing and firing - why on earth would he give the kid a second chance to incapacitate him?

And the best they can get the kid for is possession of a stun gun. Allegedly they're not pressing assault charges because the victim wasn't injured. So, presumably, if you walked up to someone, stuck a gun to their head and pulled the trigger, as long as the chamber is empty you're only guilty of misdemeanor assault. Does anyone buy this for a second? Is it any wonder that crime is rampant when something like this does not result in a serious punishment ONLY because of an equipment malfunction?

There is a surprise in this story. The teenager - shot in the buttocks - apologized to his victim. Not only that, the victim called 911, explained what had happened, and remained with the teenager until EMS arrived, trying to keep him calm. That's class right there. With any kind of luck this young man will realize how close he came to dying on that day, and straighten himself out. It's not too late, and the fact that he sent his victim a letter of apology bodes well.

Now, go back to the moment the teen jammed the stun gun in his victim's side. What if it had gone off as expected? Maybe he would have just knocked the guy down and ran off to join his friends, laughing at the poor SOB he just knocked out. Maybe he would have hit the guy a few times. Maybe the next time he'd knock someone down and start kicking. It sure doesn't look like the DA is interested in prosecuting - so, most likely, he could continue right up until the point that he beat a 99 year old woman to death in the middle of a robbery.

Hopefully getting shot in the ass changes his outlook and puts him on the right path...

That is all.


Anonymous said...

I sent you (and you used) a story about this game in Chicago where a father trying to make a living died while teens (instigated by the youngest of the group) did this. On July 12 of last year. Delfino Mora aged 62.

SJ said...

I think stun guns are not legal to possess in Michigan.

That's why the kid is getting a charge.

(However, if he had used an unloaded firearm in his attack, he would likely face charges for underage possession of a firearm...and flaunting, among other charges.)

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Maybe the kid learned his lesson.

I think this also counts as a lesson in situational-awareness, for the guy with the concealed pistol.

Dave H said...

It was explained to me once upon a time that the definiton of assault is placing someone in fear for their life or safety. So pointing an unloaded weapon at them (if they believe it's loaded) is assault, but swinging a baseball bat near the head of an unconscious person is not. Based on that I'd say what the kid did is assault. But then I'm not a highly educated attorney.

It sounds like -maybe- this kid has learned who his friends really are, and it ain't the guys who put him up to doing it.

Anonymous said...

The article mentioned the victim was waiting for his daughter at the bus stop - I can only imagine what she would have went through if she had found Daddy unconscious.

With any luck the teenager will have a permanent limp as a reminder that he "lost" that day. Not to mention a felony record, which should follow him through life. He is lucky no major arteries were hit.

Sendarius said...

What's he supposed to think?

"COM... COM... front sight... front sight... presssssss".