Friday, August 30, 2013

Still Not Unilateral...

US finds itself with only 1 Syria partner: France
PARIS (AP) — The United States found itself Friday with France as its only major partner in a potential strike against Syria, after a stunning rejection of military force in Parliament forced Britain, America's staunchest ally, to pull out of any operation.

The collapse of British support for a mission to punish Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons puts pressure on President Barack Obama as resistance grows at home — and comes with the irony that France was the most vocal critic of the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.
Remember back in 2003 when we were going into Iraq to look for the chemical weapons that we knew Saddam Hussein had? And they kicked out the inspectors, and weren't allowing us to check and make sure that the program to dismantle Iraq's weapons of mass destruction was still in place? And because of that we went in to resume hostilities that had ceased the previous decade, as Saddam Hussein was intent on breaking the terms of that cease fire? Remember, too, how this was called "Bush's War"? And how the media raked George W. Bush over the coals for "going it alone" and "going against world opinion" and all those other things?

One. One ally supporting bombing raids in Syria. One.

France and France alone will join the United States in air strikes on Syria. That's at least an order of magnitude less than the "unilateral" force that went into Iraq. What a difference the president's political affiliation makes, no? This is the Nobel Peace Prize winning president, remember - he was going to heal the wounds left by that idiot cowboy George Bush. I guess that's why the US remained in Afghanistan and Iraq through Bush's proposed timetables; why the Guantanamo Bay detention facility is still operational, and why we have provided assets in Libya, Egypt, and now Syria as we repair the damage done by Bush.

One lone supporter - not even our staunchest ally Great Britain is with us on this attack - boy, it's a good thing that idiot cowboy Bush isn't in office, isn't it?

That is all.


Anonymous said...

As I recall the French said NO to going into Iraq, just like they did when the US asked to use their airspace when Reagan bombed Libya.

Let France show us how to properly eat a big bite out of another Middle East $hit sandwich.

Bon Appétit!


Geodkyt said...

So, we were being "unilateral" when we went in with the support of pretty much all of our usual allies (48 coalition partners, all told) except France.

But we aren't being "unilateral" now despite having only one "coalition" partner, because France is with us.

So, basically, France is the only country whose opinion matters to Democrats.

This is my shocked face. . .

Daniel in Brookline said...

I'll bet John Kerry is happy.

jed said...

Obama on foreign policy is like Gomez Adams with a train set.

Rob said...

I have seen zero substantiate change between Bush & Obama. Zero.
Some minor things and a lot of theater going on but all the big stuff stayed the same.
Distraction and no change seems to be working.

In the words of The Who from '71:

Meet the new boss.
Same as the old boss.

mikee said...

Hey, when GW Bush invaded Iraq, and the Polish special forces took the docks in Basra, they got reprimanded for flying a Polish flag over their newly captured base. Because it wasn't supposed to be an invasion to conquer the Iraqis, or some such idiocy.

There are reasons to go it alone, and reasons to have allies help, even if it is only in support roles like sending one flight crew with a transport aircraft to be used outside the war zone.

That Obama has advanced his "smart diplomacy" over 5 years to the point where reprisals for actual use of WMD against civilians is not supported, speaks volumes.

Larry said...


we are so boned...

MSgt B said...

Cheese-eating surrender monkeys.

notDilbert said...

You just don't understand.........

Jean-Francois Kerry made the administration's position perfectly clear this morning. He outlined it in a diplomatically parsed, highly nuanced, 850 word single sentence that was a rambling incoherent mess.