Monday, August 5, 2013

So Many Things Wrong...

Brad_in_MA, sensing that the good feelings from the blogshoot may have rendered my blood pressure dangerously low, sent this story in to raise it back up...

Cops shoot and kill 14-year-old gunman in the Bronx
A police officer shot and killed a 14-year-old gunman early Sunday after the boy opened fire on a Bronx street corner.

Two rookie officers on foot patrol in the Melrose neighborhood heard gunfire shortly before 3 a.m., cops said.

Heading east on the north side of E. 151st St., the officers encountered a man running towards them in the middle of the street pursued by Shaaliver Douse, who was firing rounds from the south sidewalk near Courtlandt Ave., cops said.
This entire story just has me shaking my head. Fourteen years old and he's just firing a gun randomly. And then doesn't put it down when confronted by the police. WTF?? Oh, and this isn't the first time he's run afoul of the law, either. From the story, he had multiple prior arrests, including one for attempted murder because he shot someone. SHOT SOMEONE. At 14 years of age. He's not even old enough to drive, but he's out shooting people.

Oh, and it's quite telling that Trayvon Martin was a "child", yet this thug is referred to as a "gunman"...

Tell me again that guns are the problem.

You think this might be the problem:
Douse was arrested a week later and charged with attempted murder, assault, menacing and criminal possession of a weapon, officials said. Those charges were later dropped by the Bronx district attorney, according to News 12 Bronx.

But Douse faced an August 23 court appearance for a felony charge of criminal possession of a loaded handgun stemming from an unrelated October arrest in the Bronx, records show.
So, he's been arrested for gun-related offenses at least twice in the past year - at the age of 14 - and yet he was out on the street? Really? Just what the heck do you have to do to get incarcerated in NYC? Obviously attempted murder isn't enough. Violating NYC's draconian gun laws isn't enough - unless you happen to be a member of the US armed forces who has a few 30 round magazines in your bag while passing through NY, that is. But shoot someone? Pfft. They recovered. Why let a little thing like attempted murder keep an aspiring young rap artist from making it big in NYC?

All the gun laws in the world aren't going to stop thugs from getting their hands on guns. This is Exhibit A right here. A 14 year old with multiple firearms-related arrests has a gun in his possession on the city streets despite not being old enough to possess it, despite not having a permit, despite all the legal roadblocks placed by the Federal government and the state of New York in a vain attempt to stop "gun violence". You think at some point we'll stop focusing on the tool used and start looking at the person misusing it?

I didn't think so either.

That is all.

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Ed said...

More video, including commentary from his aunt:

According to the aunt, this is another dead “child”, even though the Disney World photo provided is from two years ago, when he was twelve. If he is observed firing a pistol at someone, he is old enough to be shot.

Also, the officer did know that the "child" was proficient enough with a pistol to already have hit a human before. Good marksmanship under stress, officer.

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