Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot: The Video

Cher has, once again, distilled the NEBS to a short (although at nearly 20 minutes of awesome I think she should submit this at Sundance...):

2013 Northeast Bloggershoot video

(sorry, I couldn't grab the embed code on the iPad, and wanted to get this out ASAP because it is just that much awesome...)

Thanks again, Cher, and thanks to everyone at the shoot!

That is all.


Shane W said...

Sooo jealous! That was awesome!

Old NFO said...

That was great, obviously fun was had by all! :-)

Dave H said...

It was more fun than a human should be allowed to have - according to some states, anyway.

GreyLocke said...

May I post it to my bookface? I'm sooo jealous and wish I could have been there.