Monday, August 5, 2013

Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot AAR

So, I've had two days to digest the awesomeness that was the Sixth Annual Northeast Bloggershoot. I got most of my thoughts down yesterday, so today's AAR will be somewhat picture intensive.

As I mentioned yesterday, every time we've gotten together, everyone has had a great time. That doesn't stop me from being a nervous wreck wondering if folks are enjoying themselves, mind you - but they usually do. I take the fact that folks are willing to drive up to 11 hours (14 with the horrendous traffic) to play with us as a sign they're having fun.

I also realized something. I don't bring way too many guns because I expect to shoot them all - or even expect others to. A good number come along just for the "hey, this is cool, check it out" factor. And I think everyone else does that, too. Some pieces - like the Ruger 10/22 - come along because, well, duh. I think everyone else does that, too. Here's just SOME of the ordnance that came for the shoot:

My contributions


Moar Ordnance

Yes, Even Moar Ordnance

TOYS!!! (and yes, that *is* what you think it is...)

Group Shot

Here's a representative picture of the day. We had a couple canopies set up, one covering the shooting line, the other providing some shade. It separated the "shooting" / "no shooting" area pretty handily. We had a new set up this year that worked a lot better than in years past, and we all owe Doubletrouble a huge hearty "THANK YOU" for the hard work he put into the new back stop.

The dynamics of the shoot are truly amazing. There's a lot of "hey, check this out" going on. There's a good amount of "OMG, you HAVE one of those???" as well - which is almost ALWAYS followed up by "Yeah, you want to shoot it?" Some folks were looking to try something out - I think I sold a couple Rossi 92s, a couple Rugers, and I know for certain one Kel-Tec SUB2000...

Naturally, we opened (and closed) the shoot with a blast from the cannon:

BIG Badda-boom!

And then folks spent some time converting money into noise:

Marko with a BIG gun - we all joked that he needed to yell "'MURICA!" after every shot.

Weerd with an odd malf

Glenn B. with an M44

Dave H. with the Snubbie from Hell™

Wally's AK-54 gets a workout

Here's something extra special:

Sarah Brady weeps.

That's Matt's 11 year old son shooting the HK 416. He did a mighty fine job with it in both semi-auto and full auto. It is loud and throws a WICKED fireball - I have a video of it I'll post later.

So, the aftermath was something:

We had a special guest for the bayonet charge

Don't bring a helmet to a gunfight

It appears as though everyone had a good time. For Glenn and Les - two out of three of our long haul attendees - this was their second appearance, so there must be something worth driving long distances for. It sounds like everyone had a pretty good time, from the youngest attendee to the oldest (that's something that floors me, the range we get - we had AARP-eligible shooters right alongside high school students!).

I think it's the tribe, I really do. That feeling that you are among friends, but more than just friends with the tribe. Kindred spirits - while we share a common love of that which goes bang, it's more than that. It's a love of liberty, not just the tools that keep us free. It's feeling like you really belong amongst these folks, that they understand you and what drives you (at least when it comes to all things gunnie).

I know I had a great time, I think everyone else did too, and I can't wait to do it again next year!

That is all.


Weer'd Beard said...

That wasn't my Beretta but it was my mag. Might mean my magazine needs a little tweaking on the lips.

Great shots Jay!

Rob said...

I'd have been embarrassed to show up with just a single shot 12g & a few boxes of shells...but it sure looked like fun!

Raptor said...

Huh. That malf Weerd had must be a Beretta thing. Had the exact same thing happen to me when I tried a PX4 Storm Compact a month or so ago.

Dave H said...

I don't think you needed to worry if anyone was having fun. Almost everybody stayed until the end of the day, and that was a long day.

I might have sold a couple of P238s myself. You should have seen the smile on Les's face after he shot it. I figured a big guy like him wouldn't be interested in a peashooter like that, but the gleam in his eye was unmistakeable. (Les, if you're reading: be aware that .380 ammo costs about the same as .45 ACP.)

When you talk about kindred spirits, you're talking about people who "get it." We're all very different people, different personalities, but we all share a common understanding of a subject that sets us apart from (and sometimes at odds with) the rest of the world. For some of us guns are just a hobby, for others they're a way of life, but for all our differences we can still accept one another because we "get it."

Thanks for letting me be part of the tribe.

Bubblehead Les. said...

Dave, yeah it's on the Wish List. And if the Scheduling Gods allow it, we Carpool next year. These 12-14 hour Solo drives are BORING!

HOWEVER, it's OBVIOUS that JAY needs to take a Remedial Math Class. I've been to N.E. THREE years running! 2 out 3, HARUMPH!

Actually, with Dave from Rochester, A.J. from Maryland, Glenn from N.Y., myself from Ohio, and with the new Saturday Shoot, other members of the Tribe should take the Weekend off and come on up!

Now of, course, with the NRA Con in Indy next year, I think the Tribe should start marking their Calendars. Just Sayin'....

BenC said...

wow a suppressed 1911 and a Wildey in the same picture be still my beating heart

Daniel in Brookline said...

Wow. Sounds like a great time... and neither I nor my Miss Z. were available. (Shucks and other comments.)

Jay, I'll do my darnedest to be there next year. You throw one heck of a party!

Glenn B said...

It definitely was worth the drive and the money spent on gas, tolls, hotels, food, ammo and alcohol (not much of that last one though). Heck it was even worth the better part of three hours of gun cleaning today and I only partially cleaned two rifles from the bloggershoot! The tribe thing, being that the tribe members love to shoot, and are all nice folks who appreciate other shooters, and some being bloggers are the things that had me return and that will have me come back again next year. That is if our host and hostess are willing. Great folks everyone, especially our host and hostess. Even that bald guy, with the big mustache, is great guy. Oh wait, that's you - don't let it go to your head ;>)

Heck, it has to be good - Les drove for like 15 hours to get there and then probably about the same t get home again. I only drove about 6 going and 7 returning home but I will do it again if I have the chance.

All the best,
Glenn B

Samuel Suggs said...

Be honest is the helmet blue for a reason :-)