Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sea Change... In A Small Sea

Rifleman762 sends in some very interesting news indeed...

ADVISORY: Boston Police Investigating Sexual Assault in the Area of the Boston / Cambridge Line
At about 2:00 AM, Sunday, August 18, 2013, a female victim reported to police that she had attempted to hail a taxi in the area of Linden and Pratt Streets, Brighton. The victim stated to officers a man driving a sedan stopped and offered her a ride to Cambridge. The vehicle was NOT a licensed City of Boston taxi/cab.

The victim states the operator took her to an area believed to be near Harvard University’s campus off of North Harvard Street on the Boston/Cambridge line. The victim stated that the suspect sexually assaulted her at that location.
Now, it's not the greatest idea in the world to get into a car that a) is not a clearly marked cab with the driver's info, company info, etc. or b) not driven by someone you know and trust. This applies all the time, but is especially applicable at 2 in the morning. What is interesting, however, is this tidbit:
Ensuring Personal Safety
  • If an unarmed attacker confronts you, believe in your ability to defend, distract, or even incapacitate the attacker enough to escape.
This is in an advisory from the Cambridge Police Department here. Cambridge, Massachusetts. They are actually advocating that people fight back against attackers. Does Attorney General Martha "We discourage self-help" Coakley know about this change in tactics? Coming from Cambridge, this is a major change in policy from the "give them what they want" crowd.

I'm certain that the Amy Lord fiasco is fueling this - she *did* give her attacker what he wanted (her ATM card, five times), and still got herself stabbed to death in the process. Now, the Cambridge PD is telling folks to fight back against "unarmed" attackers, which is pretty useless, given that fists, feet, and cars can be used as weapons. I'm sure this is a CYA type thing where they're afraid that people will pull that "you don't have the guts to pull that trigger" trick we've seen (right before they get shot).

It's a shame that someone had to die for the Cambridge PD to start giving people better advice, but better late than never, right?

That is all.


libertyman said...

"Unarmed attacker" that's rich!

Weer'd Beard said...

This email came across my company email.

Yeah, my thought as well was "Carry a gun of at LEAST .380 Caliber" seemed to be omitted.

Ed said...

"Carry a gun" of any caliber. A well-aimed .22LR will perform very well for you.