Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Remember, Only The Police Should Have Guns

So they can leave them in cars to be stolen...

Reward offered for weapons stolen from FBI vehicle in North Carolina
The FBI is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to high-powered weapons stolen from a federal agent's vehicle in Charlotte.

A Colt M-16 equipped with a Streamlight TRL-2 and a vertical forward hand grip Remington 870 shotgun with pistol grip were seized from an FBI vehicle between the evening hours of August 5 and the early morning hours of August 6, authorities said in a press release. The stolen items also included night-vision equipment and body armor.
I wonder if that's a true M-16. If it is, then whoever took the weapon is going to regret choosing a life of crime, as that's a Fed level crime. I suspect that stealing firearms from an FBI agent isn't the best course of action, either, but having a non-transferable machine gun is a BIG no-no... I'm curious how they're planning on tracking this down - I wonder if they've got any leads, or if they're just going to run fingerprints/etc.

Now, here's the thing. Here in Massachusetts, we're supposed to keep our firearms under lock and key whenever they are not in our direct possession. I suppose the two longarms could have been in a locked case, but I would imagine that - at the very least - you would be looking at having your permit revoked as an "unsuitable" person. Losing two guns because you left them in the trunk of your car wouldn't go over very well in most towns in MA.

Of course, everything is different when it's a police officer in question - even moreso with a Fed - so I'm certain that the agent won't face any repercussions. It's entirely possible that both firearms were in a secured case that was cut out with a blowtorch - or they could have been left in the back seat of an unlocked car. In fact, I'm pretty sure I posted a picture of a police car with the officer's "patrol rifle" sitting on the trunk, completely unattended in a blog post a year or two ago.

In any case, it's the criminal's fault entirely. Let's make that abundantly clear. It's just that the reaction from both law enforcement and the media is so radically different depending on who it is that has firearms stolen from them. When it's one of us, we're "careless" and "should know better"; when it's an LEO it's [cue crickets]. When it's a citizen whose guns are stolen, the police response ranges from "Yeah, we'll get right on that, right after the donut shop closes" to "I'm sorry you've been the victim of a crime. Your gun permit is now revoked". It shouldn't matter who the victim is - cop or not - but it does.

Remember, they're the only ones professional enough to have guns stolen out of their cars...

That is all.

Another dispatch from...
(image courtesy of Robb Allen)


Ygolonac said...

"Patrol rifle on the trunk" was Seattle PD. Here on the east side of WA, one unmarked car, parked at the officer's home, got ganked for a tac radio, vest, and (full-auto) MP-5 - quite some time back, but still...

(H und K was recovered from the roof of a local car wash - seems the car prowler wasn't dumb enough to keep it at home.)

Matthew said...

Per the picture it looks like an SBR M4 even if it isn't FA.

Note the FBI talking head said they needed to get the weapons out of "untrained" hands: not "unauthorized" but "untrained."

Screw that guy, I'm fairly highly trained on that weapon system, just like millions of other Americans who served, both honest and criminal. But he's obviously an "only one."

At least I'm trained (and smart) enough to physically secure guns I'm not using, not just trust a locked car door.

TigerStripe said...

If you're going to steal an FBI agent's weapon you might as well go ahead and steal the M16/M4. Not that I'm condoning stealing anyone's guns.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a patriot has equipped himself for the revolution. Night vision, check, body armour, check, 223 carbine, check, combat 12ga, check.


Formynder said...

Since when are M16s "high power"? Last I checked M16s and AR-15s are described as intermediate caliber weapons...

skidmark said...

[quote]A Colt M-16 equipped with a Streamlight TRL-2 and a vertical forward hand grip Remington 870 shotgun with pistol grip were seized ....[/quote]

Only the .gov can seize anything - property, your person, your money. It's the taking of something under the authority of the law.

So either the nooze folks are dumb, or lazy, or stupid (all viable possibilities) or they copy/pasted directly from some FBI presser - which means the FBI is one of the above or there is more to the story and they let something slip while trying to set the cover-up story.

Personally I hate the conspiracy theory stuff. I'm going to make this a true daily double, Alex, and bet it all on "stupid".

stay safe.

Matthew said...


That's a little pedantic.

That one definition of a word is a legal one doesn't mean every use defaults to it. Context is the key and the context here is just taking, with no legal intersection.

Anyone, not just government, can "possess or take by force" or "possess oneself of." Government merely does so (ideally) under color of law. A thief, by definition, cannot.

Though they should have just said "taken" or "stolen" (which government can also do). ;)

TOTWTYTR said...

Stealing anything from the FBI is a federal level crime. Stealing a fully automatic rifle is just a worse federal crime.

If caught and convicted, this guy won't get treated like Jesse Jackson Jr.