Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Raise Your Hand If You Didn't See This Coming...

Okay, you, with your hand raised. We'll be by in a few minutes to talk to you about beachfront property in Arizona...

Dem bill would trigger huge new taxes on guns, ammo
A pair of Democratic lawmakers are proposing steep new taxes on handguns and ammunition, and tying the revenues to programs aimed at preventing gun violence.

Called the “Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act," the bill sponsored by William Pascrell, D-N.J., and Danny Davis, D-Ill., would nearly double the current 11 percent tax on handguns, while raising the levy on bullets and cartridges from 11 percent to 50 percent.
Because, you know, gangbangers always buy their handguns and ammunition through legal, taxable means, right? See? They don't want to take away your Second Amendment rights! They just want to price them out of the hands of 99% of the population is all. You know what I really love? Republicans calling for voting to require an ID is ridiculed as them wanting to keep minorities from voting (because, presumably, they can't afford the $20 for a state ID); yet Democrats calling for a doubling or quadrupling of a tax on a right gets crickets...

And, of course:
The bill would exempt all federal, state and local agencies, including police departments, from paying the tax.
Gee, who didn't see that coming? I mean, really. They're also talking about raising the NFA rates, because of all of the drive by shootings involving rifles with legally shortened barrels and suppressors. There's also a bleeding heart bit about all the wonderful anti-gun violence programs out there that could work but shucks darn they're starved for money. Here's tip, knucklehead: If they really worked, there would be funding for it.

Once again, they're proposing to stick it to law abiding gun owners. Because Chicago can't control its criminal element, they want you and I to have to pay more to legally purchase a legal product. Imagine if they tried that with alcohol? "Gee. because some people drink and drive, we're going to quadruple the tax on Budweiser". You think folks might take notice if the cost of a case of Bud went to $50? But because it's those EEEEEVIL guns, it's perfectly fine to kick law abiding folks in the shorts.

I've got a better idea - maybe Chicago ought to start incarcerating their hoodlums...

That is all.

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Dave H said...

But if Chicago's mayor and city council are in jail, who'll finish running the city into the ground?

Wally said...

I fail to see how increased taxation makes it safer.

As it stands, current mfg excise tax on ammo and handguns is 11% (paid by the mfg, not the end user) and longguns are at 10%.

This bill would drastically increase those rates, but note that ammo *components* are not taxed under this system, so if you like to really build your own it just got a heck of a lot cheaper by comparison.

Also seeing this bill would really move NFA taxes, from $5 to $100 and from $200 - $500, with $100 & $500 continuing to rise as they will be adjusted for inflation.

In real dollars, a $300 short barrel shotgun or sound suppressor would now cost $800 (not to mention the 9-10 months for federal approval of the sale). If you were to buy one of those from a private party out of state, the transaction would be taxed twice, so now it's $1300 out of pocket for a $300 item.

I am sure it will really help business, when a tax almost tripling or quadrupling the cost (yet not the value) of an item.

How the hell is this safer? It's certainly not helping my blood pressure.

Ed said...

How many other civil rights will they tax? How about re-imposing poll taxes to reduce voter fraud? Oh, that one is unconstitutional.





Matt W said...

It also doubles the annual fee for FFLs from $1,000 to $2,000 for manufacturers and $500 to $1,000 for dealers.

Matt W said...

Ed, unfortunately courts have only generally held taxes on 1st amendment rights to be unconstitutional. Not that they couldn't rule in favor of 2nd amendment rights and taxation, but it isn't likely they would find it unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

But but but Jay, in Chicago we practice catch and release.

First the murder convict from Indiana. Then the domestic violence dude with pending resisting arrest charges.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Gun Violence Prevention and Safe Communities Act

GVPSCA. You know they're not serious about this because it doesn't spell anything. Now if it was the Firearms Undermine Cities & Kill Oldsters Freedom Fund, I'd know they meant it!

It's been said many times, but it's true. You have a small town with a speed limit of 25 MPH, and a problem of out-of-town teenagers who speed through town at 70 MPH -- so the solution is to reduce the speed limit to 20 MPH.

A Democrat from Illinois and another from New Jersey, hey? Nope, I could NEVER have seen that coming...