Friday, August 30, 2013

Perfect Week!

Of additions, that is. Bob sends in the fifth DGC addition of the week with this story:

Man killed in Levy County shootout, deputies say
A Levy County man was killed early Sunday morning after deputies say he broke into a house he recently had been kicked out of and was shot by a man inside, who was also wounded in the shootout.

John Paul Robinson had been living in the house with a woman and another man until Wednesday, when he was served with a restraining order instructing him to leave the home. The order has been requested by the woman who lived in the house.
Yet another example of a restraining order not being worth the paper it's printed on... Now, according to the terms of the Lautenberg Amendment, that man was ineligible to legally possess firearms, so this is a double failure - both of the restraining order to restrain or from gun control from keeping guns out of the hands of ineligible people. It's a good thing that they didn't rely solely on that piece of paper, but instead chose a suitable tool for self-defense. Had the two people in that house relied on that piece of paper, this would most likely have been a different story altogether.

Fortunately, they relied on a different paper - that which came wrapped in a shotgun shell...

Dead Goblin Count: 431

That is all.

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