Thursday, August 15, 2013

Oh, That's Rich!

San Diego mayor banned from Hooters

For the moment, San Diego Mayor Bob Filner is still welcome in his 11th-floor City Hall office, despite a burgeoning recall movement against him after more than a dozen women came forward to allege sexual harassment, either through unwanted advances or inappropriate statements.
However, the 70-year-old former Congressman is very much unwelcome in Hooters. 
Four San Diego-area branches of the national chain best known for having waitresses wear tank tops and tight orange shorts have posted signs saying that they would not serve Filner. 
Now, you know what's really funny? Filner is still listed as a member of MAIG. Now, when you're not good enough to be served at Hooters, yet still welcome in Mikey Bloomberg's "elite" group of hoplophobes, what's that tell you about MAIG? "We take the guys Hooters won't serve"? isn't really a clarion call here, folks... 

Filner is in "therapy" and is receiving "outpatient care". I wonder exactly how it is that they stop someone from being a misogynist jerk? I mean, we know that they'd be handling a Republican governor who treated women this shabbily the same way, right? No, really, stop laughing. Especially if he was still listed on the NRA's website, right? I'm sure there would be no difference in how the cases would be handled by the media. 

I find it especially telling that Hooters has higher standards than Mayors Against Illegal Guns, don't you?

That is all.

Thanks to the BLNN for the tip!


Bubblehead Les. said...

At least at Hooters, their Customers get better service than they do from any MAIG Mayor!

The Old Man said...

Jay, ya gots to know that Hooters has a higher moral standard than the Democrat Party. If you doubt that, look at their standard-bearers. Hooters is all about tease while the Democrats are all about sleaze. 'Nuff said!