Monday, August 12, 2013

My Quiet Place...

So, this week I've mentioned that I'm getting in a little R&R at one of my favorite places in the entire world. For the next seven nights, we're staying at a campground on the Cape that I have quite literally been going to since I was a child. Before my sister was born my parents had a slide-in camper than went in the back of Dad's old pickup truck; when she was born they traded that in on a (tiny) Class C motor home (for the uninitiated, a Class C motorhome is the one with the front of a van or pickup and a bed over the cab). I have been coming to this same campground since I was 3 or 4 years old.

One of the great things about it is that is has changed very little. They've made a few capital improvements - better lighting in the bath house, a formal walkway where before there were simple paths, small changes of that nature - but for the most part, this is entirely unchanged from when I was a child. Eleven years ago, when my son was still a toddler and we came here for the first time as a family, it had changed even less - in fact, it shocked me how little it had changed in the ~ 20 years since I'd been here.

It's a very simple campground, no playgrounds or hayrides or cartoon characters. It's state-owned, so the Division of Conservation and Recreation maintains it, and they'll have nature talks and such occasionally, but generally, you're on your own for entertainment. Fortunately, there's a beach attached to the campground and seven miles of canal to explore to keep you occupied. The canal road is set aside for pedestrian and bicycle travel only, so it's perfect for a family walk, bike ride, or - as TheBoy and I are going to attempt later today - rollerblading.

The beach is nothing short of spectacular. We spent a good chunk of the day there yesterday with the wife's family, who came down for the day. Once you get past the congested touristy areas, there are wide-open stretches of sandy beach to set up your domain. Because it's part of the Cape, the water is warmer than direct ocean access, meaning that - for a New England ocean beach - the water is fairly warm. The kids were able to swim for more than 10 seconds before their lips turned blue... After a hard day in the sun, some might want to take a nap - which is totally fine - but TheBoy and I have been making good use of the Canal.

We've also climbed on rocks on the canal jetty, following it all the way to the lighthouse at the end:

It's just such a beautiful, peaceful place, and I really enjoy myself when I get a chance to come back. One of the great parts now is that my son loves it as much as I do and really enjoys doing many of the same activities - it's a great chance to connect with him now, before he turns into a sullen teenager. Oh, my daughter gets her time, too - but she's not quite as confident on her bike and doesn't come on the long rides, etc. - although she can make it to the ice cream stand just fine. I'm really enjoying this recharge time, I have to admit...

There's a ton more pictures coming (video, too) once I get to a real computer.

That is all.

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libertyman said...

Looks like a great spot -- and how nice the tradition carries on to the next generation.