Thursday, August 15, 2013

More Green Energy Success!

Brad_in_MA sends in another success story involving green energy companies. Of course, green energy companies tend to only be considered a success if you mean "success" as in "managed to separate a good number of American taxpayers from their money with no discernible return on investment...

Spire CEO expects glut of cheap solar parts to last another year
Bedford, Mass. solar company Spire Corp. (OTCQB: SPIR) reported a 46 percent decrease in revenues for its second quarter and said it doesn’t expect to see much improvement until late next year.

The news comes on the heels of the company being delisted from the Nasdaq stock exchange a month ago, for not maintaining the minimum $1 a share bid price for its stock. The company first got notice of delisting in mid-2012, and was unable to comply over the course of the next year. It did not appeal the delisting decision.
We've covered the trials and tribulations of Spire Corp. before (when they were delisted), so this is just kicking a company when they're down. But considering that the vast bulk of green energy companies gleefully extended their hands when President Obama was throwing around stimulus dollars like a drunken sailor trying to score with a local girl a politician trying to get re-elected, I really don't feel all that bad about taking a few kicks.

It's also pretty telling that they're saying that this won't even start to get better until late 2014. Maybe it's just coincidence, given that we've already heard "late 2014" as the time table for when ObamaCare will be postponed on implementation so that Democrats can keep their jobs the 2014 elections can proceed without pesky interruptions like massive layoffs and ginormous insurance cost hikes. Why, it's almost like they're begging us to just sit around for over a year on the promise that things will get better - magically - right around the time those midterm elections are done.

At this point, President Obama has been on office for nearly five years. He had the House and Senate for two of those five years, and squandered having all three branches for those two years. Since losing the House, he has done nothing but blame the GOP for every single thing that has gone wrong in his entire term, all the while calling the murder of four Americans in Libya a "phony scandal" that was drummed up by his political enemies. It's worth pulling out these green energy "success" stories to point out that even the things he has taken full credit for have crashed and burned like the Hindenburg...

With "success" like this, it's no wonder Obama wants to play the "kick it down the road until 2014" game...

That is all.

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Brad_in_MA said...


I need to go "on the record" about the "green energy" issue. I know I've sent in a fair share of stories about green energy and its success compared to other energy technologies. I don't actively seek out news of this sort. Not. One. Bit. I subscribe to two, count 'em TWO, news email blasts from the Boston Business Journal. When an article about green energy success comes along, I simply pass it on. That there is just so much to pass along is merely a happy coincidence.

Enjoy the cape.