Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Make It In Massachusetts!

Barack's mini-me has done such a great job in Massachusetts. We really ought to elect him to a higher office so that the rest of the country can experience his high quality leadership, don't you think?

Study: Massachusetts welfare pays better than entry-level jobs
Massachusetts pays its welfare recipients what would amount an pre-tax wage of more than $24 an hour, and ranks third in the nation in terms of dollars doled out per welfare collector, according to a new study released by the Cato Institute.

The libertarian think tank based in Washington D.C., estimates the total value of the state’s “typical” welfare package — which can include cash, food, housing and medical assistance — if it were taxable income, at $50,540, more than most entry-level wages. The report said that creates an incentive to remain on government assistance.

Jesus H. Tap-Dancing Christ. $50K a year on welfare. The big question is why aren't more people on welfare, then. Now, I'm assuming that they're factoring in food stamp assistance, heating assistance, health insurance benefits, etc. to arrive at that figure. Even at that, though, it's a pretty comfortable existence - even in Massachusetts - and it's troubling that this isn't a bigger story.

Another part that has me shaking my head is the part about "entry-level jobs". $50K a year compensation is better than a lot of jobs, period. Even among white collar jobs, the "entry level" is considered low $40s - so the total compensation is equivalent to a few years' service complete with pay raises.

And lastly, Hawaii I can understand being the highest - the COL in Hawaii is higher than in the rest of the US simply because of the logistics involved in living on an island. What I don't get, though, is DC. I thought that the only people living in DC were politicians and associated staffers - why is anyone getting welfare benefits in DC?

I know, I know. This is all part of the socialist plan: get more and more people hooked on government assistance so that they continue to vote for more of the same. They will continue to elect whoever promises them the most stuff, so that the party that plays Santa Claus the most convincingly can be assured of a longer stint moving the levers of power.

What happens, though, when the number of producers falls short of the number of consumers? That day is coming, and there's going to be one hell of a reckoning. Oh, it'll be one of the last dominoes to fall - "sequestration" has been the big bad bogeyman so far, but it appears to only be affecting military and EPA as far as budget restrictions. We're falling back on the "peace dividend" like we did in the 1990s, and it's only a matter of time before that bites us.

"May you live in interesting times" indeed - especially if you're a worker in Massachusetts.

That is all.


Formynder said...

There's quite a few subsidized housing areas in DC. I have no idea what they do or why they're still in DC other than that is where their families have lived for a long time. To visit the Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens you have to drive down I-295 and then exit through one of the slums to reach it. There are quite a few other slums off the main tourist areas in DC.

Rob said...

I know nothing about MA and very little about welfare but I have had some experience with being amused at what a large corporation said my per hour "value" was.

I can state with no reservations that they figured they were giving me a LOT more then they actually were. The terms 'bullshit' & 'propaganda' were my FIRST thoughts when I read the statement. I suspect that is the case here...

wolfwalker said...

"What I don't get, though, is DC. I thought that the only people living in DC were politicians and associated staffers - why is anyone getting welfare benefits in DC?"

There's a large population in DC. The vast majority of it belongs to minority ethnic groups. Something like 80% of the District is what's politely known as "lower class housing" areas. I don't know why the District ever accumulated such a population -- there's certainly nothing there to attract them -- but there they are.

Xenolith said...

I want to say "Thank you". Really. I don't live in MA, but I want to let you know, Jay, how much it means to those poor destitute worthless pieces of human excrement that you're there for them. Working to give them the decent living those of us who work would like to have. Thank you.

Lokidude said...

50k per annum is roughly what a journeyman commercial electrician makes in Utah. That's after four years of schooling and testing and 8000 hours of work experience. Hardly entry-level.