Sunday, August 11, 2013

Carryin' 9 To 5

Kevin (I know that dude!) has a great article over at Shooting Illustrated.

Carrying in the office is something I've never considered, living and working in MA. There's nothing specifically prohibiting it in my office, other than the fact that an inadvertant exposure would most likely get me fired and also blacklisted from working in MA ever again. ("Why did you leave your last job?" "Oh, I got fired for carrying a gun. SECURITY!!!") Kevin's a practical guy, so he rated several different carry methods with regard to how they work with business casual.

It's a good read, go take a look!

That is all.


Reese said...

When I'm at work, I carry my SIG P238 in a Blackhawk #2 in my right front pocket. Pretty much the only way that I can carry in a shirt and tie.

Formynder said...

There's the non-mobile link.