Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Thing They Have All That Gun Control, Right?

Stretch sent in this story. I'm still shaking my head, knowing full well that there are hundreds if not thousands of people who will read this story and then immediately say "we just need one more law"...

Officials: 6 shot in one hour citywide
At least seven people were shot across the city Monday night, including six shot within an hour, officials said.

About 6:15 p.m., someone shot a 21-year-old man and a 53-year-old woman in the 1300 block of West Washburn Avenue in the city's University Village neighborhood, Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Joshua Purkiss said.
Six people shot in the span of one hour. This is in a city with draconian gun laws in a state that just legalized concealed carry (although no permits have been given yet) as the last state in the union to do so. There's a county-wide ban on "assault weapons" and - like Massachusetts - a FOID card is required to simply own a firearm (not sure if it covers ammo or not like the MA FID card does, where you are required to have the permit to purchase and possess ammo).

Imagine that. All that gun control, and thugs are still out there shooting people at random. All those laws being ignored; all those laws that they swore would stop this very sort of thing are impotent to stop thugs from being thugs. You know what's missing in this report? Any mention of anyone getting arrested. What we see here in Massachusetts is what I like to call the "Until you kill" policy. Unless and until the shooting/stabbing/drunk driving kills someone, the "justice" system slaps the offender on the wrist and puts them back on the street.

In one night, seven people were shot. One was self-inflicted (in the groin no less; obviously an adherent to the Plaxicolster); one was grazed by a passing bullet; the remaining five appear to have been targeted for one reason or another. Five shootings in one night - one to the wrist, another in the foot, another in the arm. Non-fatal areas, generally, almost like the thugs are shooting people to make a point. They care so little about the laws they're using illegally owned firearms to illegally shoot people, and all MAIG can call for are mandatory background checks and "gunshow loophole"? Really?

I'll wager a return to chain gangs and "truth in sentencing" would make a bigger dent in crime than passing every single item on the Brady Bunch wish list...

That is all.


John Anderson said...

"Unless and until the shooting/stabbing/drunk driving kills someone, the "justice" system slaps the offender on the wrist and puts them back on the street."

Unless the offender is white.

John Anderson said...

Sorry, on second thought, that should be, "Unless the offender is of the wrong political persuasion." Because every MA resident knows of white union guys with slapped wrists...

Anonymous said...

And won't be issued for 6 months at the earliest.

Only 6? Quiet night.

Joseph in IL

Jamie said...

Didn't even have to mouse over the link to know you were talking about Chicago.

B said...

There is more to this issue than the gun laws.

All these incidents happened in the south side of Chicago.....the demographic of that area, and all the victims, were slightly higher in melanin that someone like you, Jay.

It's the culture that fails as much as the laws.

Yeah, some will call me a racist for pointing this out. So be it. Daily shootings don't happen in melanin deficient communties.

Hat Trick said...

The FOID IS required to purchase and possess live ammunition but not reloading components.
Borepatch's .22 casing stuck in the tread of his boot wouldn't make him a felon here in IL.

Chicago is a mess. They have a gang problem not a gun problem.

Ed said...

There is no reason that those numbers in that neighborhood will change much after licenses to carry forearms are issued in Illinois. The people there did not ask government permission to keep and bear a firearm, and it is reasonable for that to continue.

Even a toddler knows not to ask permission when he knows the answer will be "No".

Ed said...

Make that "firearms", not "forearms", even though "forearms" makes it funnier.