Saturday, August 31, 2013

Good Followup...

Remember when I posted the story about the Texas father who caught some dirtbag attempting to rape his 5 year old daughter and subsequently beat him to death?

He won't be charged.

[pauses for cheers to die down]

Thanks to a whole bunch of folks who sent me that followup. And no, it doesn't count as a DGC addition... (no firearm). Yeah, I'm guessing that the DA shopped that around to a few folks, and when they couldn't find a single soul who would vote to convict, they very quietly dropped all charges.

"Let me get this straight. This dude walks in on an illegal alien* scumbag molesting his young daughter and proceeds to stop the threat. In the process, the perpetrator expired. You want me to convict the father of murder? In Texas?"

I'm guessing after the 20th juror or so laughed in the DA's face they realized they weren't going to win this one...

That is all.

*Thanks to commenter DO for pointing out that there is nothing to indicate the scumbag was an alien of either stripe. Mea culpa on that one, folks.


Shane W said...

Outstanding! There should have never even been a thought about charges.

Dave H said...

In a lot of places defensive killings are presented to the grand jury automatically. But the grand jury found that it was justified under the law, so there are no charges. As it should be.

Mopar said...

I don't know WHY that story is making the rounds again now. They made the decision not to charge him back in June of 2012.

Anonymous said...

Shame on you. There was no mention that I could see of the "deceased" being an illegal alien. I have read 4 different stories on this and I heard about this from my sister who lives in Amarillo in 2012.

Illegal alien because his last name is Flores? May I ask how you determined that? That to me is extreme prejudice right there.


Jay G said...


I could have sworn I read in one of the reports that he wasn't legal, but I can't find anything to back that up.

Ergo, it has been stricken, along with a mea culpa for jumping to conclusions.

Thank you for keeping me honest.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if I came across as too harsh and thank you for the correction.


Samuel Suggs said...

I would not have made out well in this situation Beat Him TO Death sells better than shot him 9 times realoaded his 1911 shot him 9 more times then went to his secondary shooting him 8 more times but I dont think I would suffer regrets.