Friday, August 23, 2013


The lovely and talented Jennifer sent me this story from her corner of the world. It is far too good not to share - especially on a Friday...

SW OKC bar owner hogties burglar until police arrive
OKLAHOMA CITY —Oklahoma City police officers arrested Jose Villalobos, 51, early Monday morning for burglary at Chucho's Bar in the 3500 block of S. Robinson Ave.

The owner, Pedro Monjaras, said his bar had been robbed several times in the past few weeks.
I guess, technically, this is vigilanteism. Technically Monjaras is a "a self-appointed doer of justice". But when the police haven't made any arrests despite multiple break-ins over a period of several weeks, and Monjaras was facing closing his bar over the thefts, what else could he do? We have been told, repeatedly, that the police are under no obligation to protect us, and stories like this are proof-positive of that fact.

You do have to wonder, though. Those that oppose gun rights for us; those that have their own bodyguards and security forces, they're not saying that guns are bad. They're saying that *common* people having guns is bad. If you're rich and can afford a bodyguard, that's all fine and hunky dory with them. If you're one of the beautiful people who merits private security, no one wants to take guns away from your bodyguards. Ditto the career politicians who have armed police forces guarding them - Mike Bloomberg makes his anti-gun proclamations from behind a protective guard of NYPD officers; nope, no conflict there. Why do they want only *certain* people to be able to afford the best protection?

In any case, major kudos to Mr. Monjaras for taking steps to secure his business and getting a dirtbag off the street - and with such style to boot!

That is all.


Bob said...

Holding someone for the police isn't vigilantism, but good citizenship. It's when you arrogate the punishment of the criminal to yourself that you are engaging in vigilantism.

Anonymous said...

If he had locked the guy up in the basement, or took him out to the desert and dropped his corpse in a hole, THAT would be vigilanteism.

This was simply securing the offender until the authorities could arrive. And some sleaze bag ambulance chaser will probably bring suit for the poor, abused burglar. For the pain, suffering and humiliation, woe is me!

Capcha is 70 dongus: Beating him with a 70" dongus would be vigilanteism.

Dave H said...

Beating him with a 70" dongus would be vigilanteism.

Nah, that's just bragging.

Jennifer said...

hogtie-ing a burglar is just good clean fun in flyover country