Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Feel-Good Story of the Day!

Alert reader Orville in IA sends in the second addition of the week:

Escaped prisoner slain in southwest Iowa
BEDFORD, Iowa (AP) - Authorities say an escaped inmate suspected of shooting a southwest Iowa sheriff's deputy has been killed by a homeowner who said the armed man broke into his house.

The Iowa Department of Public Safety announced that Rodney Long was shot to death early Tuesday. No one else was seriously injured in the shooting in Bedford.
Here's some other pertinent information: The perp was armed. The homeowner was 71 years old. Now, the Brady Campaign and MAIG would have preferred that a 71 year old man and his wife be defenseless in their own home as it is invaded by an armed escaped convict. Yeah. Tell me how well that would have worked if the homeowner had not been armed with a firearm. Do you think a whistle would have done the job? A phone and 911? How would that have played out? As the goblin's kicking in the door, the septuagenarian homeowner dials the cops and *maybe* gets two words out before he gets shot?

While Michael Bloomberg sits in his gated house, guarded by police officers, he's busy using NYC tax dollars to fund a group that wants to take away gun rights across the USA. They seized upon "Stand Your Ground" laws after the Zimmerman fiasco - regardless that SYG had nothing to do with the shooting. They continue to stand behind the Newtown shootings and call for "assault weapons" bans, even though school shootings are so rare as to be a statistical anomaly - and hands, feet, and blunt objects kill more people than "assault weapons" every year.

Why do groups like these deny the utility of firearms in the hands of average Americans? We are well into the 400s for stories where average folks - not police officers or military - use firearms to successfully stop bad guys from hurting them or others. This is on a teeny little gun blog over the past 4 years or so. Imagine how many of these stories there really are every year; I would not be surprised to learn I'm off by an order of magnitude or more. And I'm only counting the stories where the bad guy is killed; imagine how many more we add in if the goblin is wounded - or when no shots are fired.

Firearms are tools no different than hammers - whether they are used for good or evil depends solely on the person wielding them.

Dead Goblin Count: 426

That is all.


Bob S. said...


The dead thug cut the phone lines before invading the house. Held the couple hostage in their own home for 4 hours before Mr. Mauderly had enough and took care of business.

Also think about the antis cry for everyone to have a duty to retreat. Think a 70 something year old couple could have out ran this thug?

JD Rush said...

The local anti-gun spin is that this case proves Iowa don't need Stand Your Ground, because you will only be attacked in your home. No one asked them about Stand Your Ground, mind you, they just read straight from the anti-gun playbook.

Ed said...

It appears that the homeowner was a retired prison guard. It appears that he knew how to deal with armed escaped prisoners.

Ed and Jackie said...

And don't forget, police response times in rural Iowa can be an hour (or more) because the nearest cop may be 60 miles away.