Monday, August 19, 2013

Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Dumb, Duuuuummmb!

Joseph in IL (who was also on vacation last week) sends this story of an exceptionally stupid criminal:

Man arrested after leaving prison ID at Decatur crime scene
August 16, 2013 (DECATUR, Ill.) -- Police didn't have to work too hard to track down a man they say robbed a central Illinois home after he left his Department of Corrections ID card on the ground.

The (Decatur) Herald & Review reports 25-year-old Drake A. Ellis was arrested this week. He's being held in the Macon County Jail on $50,000 bond for variety of charges for the burglary along with aggravated battery.
And if you need to find Mr. Ellis, he's at the corner of Dumb and Ass...This is like the third crime that has been solved because the criminal left their identification at the scene of the crime in recent memory. It's hard to fathom why someone would bring something with all of their personal information on it with them when they went to commit a crime - not to mention leaving it behind. Then again, if they were smart, they most likely wouldn't be criminals.

This is now his fourth arrest in eight years for breaking and entering/theft/etc. Obviously he's not learning his lesson - although that is a matter for debate. If the lesson is "Hey, why not break into that house, at worst you'll get caught and do six months or less", then he's learned it fine. If the lesson is "Don't break into houses, it's not nice", he's not learning it at all. Notice, too, that he plies his trade in IL and not one of the surrounding states where the lesson he might learn would be "break into my house and they'll carry you out in the morning".

Guess he's not that dumb then, is he?

That is all.


LCB said...

Maybe he just wanted back in with his pards...

Sevesteen said...

I've seen enough of these that sometimes I wonder...Was the person on the ID really the person committing the crime, or did a slightly smarter than average criminal steal the ID of another crook to drop at the scene and send suspicion in the wrong direction?

Jay G said...

I would imagine (hope) that the cops found stuff stolen from the house in the perp's possession or other incriminating evidence.

Would be a good twist, but a crook smart enough to do that wouldn't leave the TV in the middle of the lawn...