Monday, August 5, 2013

Does My Heart Good...

So, I posted about the "Organizing for Action" protest that was occurring in New Hampshire the same time as the Northeast Bloggershoot, right? Well, commenter Nate went to the protest as part of a counter-protest, and was kind enough to send in pictures and an AAR. I'll let him tell you about the "protest":
I attended the "Organizing for Action" astroturf rally in NH.  And astroturf it was.  There were 20 or so anti-gun subjects with signs protesting when I arrived and it really never exceeded that number.  The police had pretty specific lines where both sides had to be and since the OFA people had a permit, they were allowed to be right on the steps of city hall.  The pro 2a supports could be in front but could not be anywhere but the sidewalk which worked out perfectly since, from the street, you could not see any of the OFA people.  The 2a people were pretty fired up and received a ton of honks from the passing cars.  Here are some pictures.  You will LOVE the last one!!
Here's the "protest":

Just the folks in the center are the actual protest, mind you. Everyone else is a counter protestor or just a passerby. Nate is being charitable with 20; I count 7 people there.

Now, for contrast, here's just some of the counter-protest:

Yeah, there's a bit of a disparity in the group size, no?

Here's the last picture, and Nate was right:

That just fills my shriveled black heart with glee right there, it really does...

Nate had one other observation of note:
Now here is the interesting part.  As we were leaving the parking lot we noticed some of the OFA people loading up into a car with NY plates.  Astroturf strikes again!!  GTFO.
They also had signs with ALL sorts of numbers.  One said 80% of people supported background checks.  Then 85% and then 92%.  Seems OFA needs a refresher in basic math skills.
Got that? They couldn't even scrape up seven anti-gun people in NH. They had to drive them in from NY. Wonder if Bloomie's reimbursing them for gas out of the NYC budget?

Thanks for the AAR Nate!

That is all.


Dave H said...

Wonder if Bloomie's reimbursing them for gas out of the NYC budget?

Darn, I should have kept my receipts from traveling to the Bloggershoot. I could have submitted an expense voucher.

TinCan Assassin said...

You know, if every anti-rights person who showed up to a protest equaled 100 people, and every pro-rights person equaled the 3/5ths of a person they're trying to turn us into, we'd still outnumber them.